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There are no significant Second Amendment obstacles to local and state gun control at this point.

Don Kilmer
May 15, 2018
California Cities Are Free to Regulate Gun Stores Out of Existence
[The twisted bit of reasoning that led to this particular situation is:

No historical authority suggests that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to sell a firearm.

If you read the appeals court ruling a little deeper you will see they don’t see any reason why the manufacture of all firearms couldn’t be regulated out of existence. Sure, you have a right to keep and bear “arms” of some sort, but no right exists for someone to build them or parts to repair them. The same would appear to be true for ammunition.

Assuming you want to retain some semblance of the right to keep and bear arms in the all the states there are three paths ahead of us.

  • Change the culture.
  • Get gun friendly justices into the Federal Courts with particular attention to the SCOTUS.
  • Take up arms and use them effectively and efficiently.

Option 1 is probably a lost cause in places like California, New Jersey, New York, and other tyrannical states.

Option 3 is far too uncomfortable to give serious consideration until all other options are exhausted.

We have to get behind option 2 and make it a reality while preparing for option 3.—Joe]


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  1. No historical authority suggests that the First Amendment protects an individual’s right to spell a word.

    • The Left has seen to it through a century of precedent that the First Amendment as to freedom of speech and the Press and the right to peaceably assemble is interpreted as expansively as possible.
      Now that they feel they own academia and the permanent state, they are moving to restrict the First Amendment through the fiction of “Hate Speech”, which is increasingly but unofficially defined as “speech an approved victim group finds offensive or problematic.” The exception, therefore, swallows the rule.

    • The authoritarian agitators know exactly how individual rights are supposed to work, which is why they so pointedly try to deny it. Fortunately for us they are forced to reveal themselves once in a while, in their tactics.

      If they wanted the second amendment, at least temporarily, for themselves, they’d be attempting to corrupt it by asserting a “right” to subsidized gun ownership, and training, and places to shoot (thus obliterating the concept of liberty while asserting the “right”). I proved all of that in my guest post, “Local Control and the Second Amendment” on this blog some years ago.

      Also, the assertion of “no historical authority” is patently false of course. It ignores Incorporation Doctrine, which, again, the leftist agitators will vigorously assert for themselves (but by insinuation only), even to the outer-most reaches of the penumbrae, when it’s about something they want. If they wanted a gun store, they’d be claiming that even the building and zoning ordnances, codes and all the rest were null and void if they encumbered their gun store in any way, and they’d demand special tax dispensations and even outright subsidies (claiming a lack of subsidy to be a violation of their “rights”). We all know it, because we’ve seen them do it in their other pursuits. The point here being that they’re guilty as hell and they know it – they cannot claim ignorance.

      Another “historical authority” is the Bible. I’ll leave you to find the direct references to purchasing (and therefore, by extension, selling) weapons, and to the “perfect law of liberty” and all the rest. It’s all in there.

      And so, when we accuse the leftists of being “ignorant” or “stupid” we’re fooling ourselves. We’re looking for ways to admonish them without responsibility. The truth is; at the command and control level at the very least, they know exactly what they’re doing and why– They’re the willful, knowing, very aware, Confederacy of the enemies of liberty (of the “perfect law of liberty”) and of Western Civilization as a whole, and they’re attacking it at its foundations precisely because they understand the foundations. If they didn’t know exactly what they were fighting, they wouldn’t be able to fight it.*

      And so it is not WE who stand in a position to educate THEM. They’re much more well-versed in this stuff than we can imagine in our darkest nightmares.

      “Why are they still running around free?” is one of the biggest questions of all time, I believe, but you won’t find the answers to it in any law book, political discussion or military Psychological Operations manual.

      *Do we know exactly what we’re defending, such that we can effectively defend it? I’ll answer that with a question; Who’s winning?

      • From what I’ve read, the bible advocates that people be free, without regard to tribe or other affiliation. The restrictions on what a slaveowner can do to his or her slaves put the lie to the southern eisegesis attempting to justify race-based chattel slavery.
        And yes, how can these anti-Americans still be running around free considering what they’ve done to the nation’s liberty and Constitutional interpretation over the last 120 years.

        • Slavery in the Colonies wasn’t race based, originally. One of the early slave owners was a black man, who may have owned some whites, among others. IIRC, slavery here was financially based, to start with.

          Slavery was a very common situation historically, worldwide. People today seem to have no clue regarding this. Partly, this is due to an aversion to covering this in history books of all types. This does a disservice to us, as people have no reference to the subject, other than our Civil War, for the most part.

          • The Ignorami* trained by the elites believe that America invented slavery, just like my mother did not know until after we watched “Spartacus” and I told her that the Romans crucified anyone they considered to be an enemy of the state. It wasn’t a punishment invented for Jesus.. .

            *A variation on the Eloi in “The Time Machine”?

  2. “We have to get behind option 2 and make it a reality while preparing for option 3.—Joe”

    Glad you added this. Semper Paratus isn’t just for the Coast Guard.

  3. This is not going to be a black and white process. This week it was the city of Boulder, but not the county or state. Next week… Restrictions will be piecemeal. And don’t count on the courts or the feds. Just because a law is on the books does not mean that it will be followed and this is true for both sides. In this kind of environment who is the enemy other than a nebulous they? Think about #metoo and about losing one’s livelihood one person at a time without due process. It’s going to be a long slog!

    • Rational Basis! Any non-risible explanation satisfies the court.

  4. Next step for California: Ban ALL gun stores in the state. No zoning, gun stores are illegal. Bam. No one can ever buy or transfer a gun again in California. 9th circuit sides with the government and SCOTUS refuses to hear it.

  5. Or we make sure that everyone knows how to build a AR15 from pipe fittings. Including any full auto Explain to people in step by step instructions how to make rifles, shotguns, even anti tank weapons using simple lathes and household tools. Don’t forget any ammo as well. I hear 3D printing is coming along leaps and bounds for a few shots and discard of all types.

    Publish that everywhere and it’ll be protected by the 1st Amendment, until they don’t like that either.

    • Something like that has already been published, in the UK of all places by the late Philip Luty. http://thehomegunsmith.com
      I don’t think he mentions anti-tank weapons, but the rest and several other things is there. His designs require neither lathe nor 3d printing, just an everyman’s 1970 era garage workshop.

  6. Do they realize they just implicitly endorsed homemade firearms?

    If you have a right to bear arms, but no one has a right to sell them, that leaves just one option, doesn’t it?

    • When machine shops are outlawed, only criminals will own machine shops.

      And how long will the First Amendment last? If your hate speech isn’t protected, how can even “Peaceable assembly with other “hate speakers” be allowed? If dissent is hate speech, how can it have a place in petitioning the government, or being used in defense of criminal charges? Freedom of religion, but is your religion cleared by the hate speech police?
      And as I said long ago, if the Second Amendment applies only to the National Guard, the First applies only to the National Printing Office.
      No problem picking the other rights off, one by one.

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