International Workers’ Day

Today is International Workers’ Day. Don’t forget there never seems to be an end to the number of positions available at either end of the guns needed to implement utopia. It’s job security for the rest of your life. What more could you want? Freedom from want, that’s one of the rights guaranteed by the socialists and communists, right?



8 thoughts on “International Workers’ Day

    • Lenin, Stalin and Mao; universally adored by the American government/media complex.

  1. Mass death at the hands of government. To the authoritarians it’s a feature, not a bug. They see Mankind, and his productive endeavors, as a stain, or a cancer, on an otherwise pristine Earth. It’s the sole reason why they want citizen disarmament– An armed citizenry hinders the culling process (Eugenics is a pillar of Progressivism, which is why abortion [child sacrifice] truly is their sacrament), or as Obama put it so succinctly, we armed citizens and principled Americans are “gumming up the works”. We who embrace the American Principles of Liberty are nothing but rumors, or weeds, hindering and poisoning the glorious authoritarian system.

    In the long run they will surely win, and in so doing they will lose everything, being utterly destroyed by that greatest power which they malign and impugn. Then they’ll be forgotten, never to be so much as thought of anymore. It’s all in the prophesies.

    Our job is to get as many people as possible out of the grievance-collecting, authoritarian mindset before they’re destroyed along with it. It’s the most challenging endeavor of all time, being that most of us will be sucked into that evil system even as we oppose it.

  2. Also, just for posterity;

    And the coercives would have us believe that they hold a monopoly on compassion, that their hate and propensity toward violence and theft is all our fault. “You know I love you honey! I don’t want to beat you, honest, but you make me do it…”

    • There’s some easy fixes for that kind of misbehavior. Isn’t this what automatic weapons are made for?

  3. Entering the eastbound I-90 tunnels in Seattle this morning, there was a banner hanging above that depicted a bloody guillotine with “MAY DAY” written above it with the A’s being the A in a circle symbol of anarchists.

    Last night, my wife objected that the anarchists didn’t have anything to do with the Communists.

    Not so, I objected. The ‘anarchists’ are definitely on the side of the socialist revolutionaries known as Communists. They are explicitly part of the plan to discredit the ‘current regime’, trying to show it as weak and ineffectual. The ‘anarchy’ thing is just the plausible deniability factor to keep the socialists’ hands clean, because they’re also running the progressive socialist plan at the same time.

    • I’m in Seattle right now!

      I’m picking up chemicals for Boomershoot thinking maybe this wasn’t the best day to do this…

  4. One false ideology to rule them all
    One false ideology to find them
    One false ideology to bring them all
    And in the darkness bind them!

    The rank-and-file union workers have been told that it’s all about fair wages and working conditions, yadda yadda, equality and the nobility of Man, blah blah blah, while those in their upper echelon leadership have a completely different agenda, with the poor suckers on the bottom as disposable tools. By the time the poor tools figure out that they’ve been used all along for purposes which are totally contrary to everything they’ve been told, it’ll be too late– They’ll be up against the wall in a state of confusion, wondering how such a thing could possibly be happening, wondering where the channels of communication got all mixed up; “Surely this is a mistake, for surely I have served the Brotherhood faithfully and diligently…” “BANG!”

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