Quote of the day—Sadiq Khan

Every death on the streets of London is an utter tragedy, and I am deeply concerned about the rise in knife crime over recent years. It is time for a new approach. We must send a strong message that carrying a knife is completely unacceptable, and is more likely to ruin your life than to save it. I hope that today’s summit will help us to harness the knowledge and insights of all those who have experience of knife crime, so we can help rid our communities of this terrible violence.

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London
October 24, 2016
Knife Crime Summit 2016
[The cure to “knife crime” is to enable the potential victims to own and defend themselves with guns. But apparently the mayor has led a very sheltered life and never hear the admonition to “Never bring a knife to a gun fight.”

But of course this is the path the anti-gun crowd in our country is leading us down.—Joe]


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  1. Another possibility is that the individuals so inclined to engage in spontaneous violence are an essential constituency for Mr Khan.

    It then follows that when one considers the problem of ‘knife crime’, if one is unwilling to deal with or even look at the meat end of the problem, one will focus laser-like on the metal end of the problem.

    And then there will be a new problem, because the meat end of the problem puts something else in its hand.

    By 2050, London will be talking about Rock Crime and Rock Control.

  2. I checked the drawer in my kitchen and found forks and spoons dangerously close to the knives. How long before they turn to the dark side of the Force Mr. Mayor?

  3. “No excuses: There is never a reason to carry a knife!”
    -Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

    Tell that to the Sikhs…

    From Wikipedia:

    “It is a religious commandment given by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699, that Sikhs must wear five articles of faith at all times, the kirpan being one of five Ks.”

  4. Perpetrators of organized crime, especially those who hold title, aren’t sheltered and don’t need education. They know everything you’re trying to “teach” them, just as the Confederacy in the U.S. was aware of all the lofty goals and ideals among the American Principles yet fought and died in huge numbers to oppose them. Some among the enemy know these things better than we know them.


    After the American Civil War, the enemies of liberty never gave up. They kept the Democratic Party, started the KKK and the Progressive and Eugenics movements, and they soldier on to this day under new forms and guises.

    That describes an enemy. An enemy can’t be talked out of it. Enemies must be stopped by force.

    There are those who need information, and with that information would be on the side of liberty, but the Mayor of London isn’t one of them.

      • While lovers of liberty recognize that there are unrelenting enemies of liberty that conspire to destroy it, we cannot be “proactive” in taking a physical fight to them. As strange as it may seem, to react in such a physical manner reduces us to the same level as them and then we would be attacked yet again. The high road must be taken regardless of our frustrations. We must be equally zealous in using 1st Amendment tools to protect the 2nd Amendment as our enemies are in attacking us, just that we must do it with truth, patience and logic. The use of or even implied use of deadly force is a serious personal decision that will always be examined after the fact through a microscope by parties not involved in the specific incident. Additionally, it is rare that those investigating after the fact do not also carry a personal agenda related to the use of force. That is why I cringe every time I read comments describing intense frustrations and then concluding or implying that violent force is the solution. As lovers and protectors of liberty, we cannot be goaded into promoting violence as a solution. Please leave those comments for the trolls who are looking to cause offense. Don’t add fuel to their fire.

        Now lest you think I am a passive wimp, be assured that I will not hesitate for an instant to use deadly force to protect myself, my loved ones or other innocent people from physical injury or death. To preserve liberty we must use our liberty with care and understanding.

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