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  1. I suggest Lyle chew on that piece of marble to see how close he gets to the Pieta. A tool is a tool.

    • His original post in context says exactly that. He stated that simple ownership of a firearm does not guarantee freedom, implying that it is but one component of the freedom equation.

    • Here is the original comment?

      “Wait; who ever once said that a gun guarantees freedom?

      No one. Ever.

      “Does a spear guarantee meat on the table every night?

      “A gun guarantees freedom in the same way that a hammer and a chisel guarantee an exquisite sculpture.”

      I think Lyle’s comment is important to reflect on because it underscores the importance of feeding, cleaning, and training with your firearm. It’s also not limited to firearms. Political action, community networking, and education are also critical components.

      It’s additionally important to reflect on this any time a gun prohibitionist predictably starts a statement with “I’m a gun owner, but…”. Just because some socialist jackass has his grandpa’s hand-me-down .410 in his closet doesn’t make him an advocate for freedom, or grant him honorary unquestionable authority on the subject.

      • Quite so. To wit; our millions of guns, and our freedom slipping away. It’s rather unarguable.

        By all means, keep a gun (I’m wearing one as I type) but it takes a lot more than a gun to save the world. Apparently it takes a lot more than 100 million guns.

        Apparently it takes something else altogether. My gun has never once has jumped out of its holster and stood up for the respect of all human rights equally, or opposed coercive redistribution, or recited the Ten Commandments, for example.

  2. The concept of ‘guarantee’ is one of the fallacies the left embraces.
    They desperately want a GUARANTEE that they will be safe, that life
    will be easy, that they will never suffer or want. And in exchange for
    empty promises from mealy mouthed liberal commie politicians they
    gladly give up any and all freedoms and rights not grasping the fact that
    NOBODY can guarantee them what they seek. It’s part of the fundamental
    defective mentality that is part of and may in fact cause the disease we
    now call ‘progressivism’.

    • True. Some things though, like death and taxes, are fairly guaranteed. In addition to those two, you’re going to suffer, in many ways, guaranteed, and the coercive action of government, though they would like us to believe it, is not our salvation– Quite the opposite.

  3. I was responding to a Straw Man argument. The authoritarian mind can never, and will never, beat us in a fair fight, so they make false statements, attribute them to us, and then slap us down based on those false arguments.

    No one ever said a gun guarantees freedom. A well regulated militia may very well be necessary to the security of a free state, it is true, but it’s a far cry from being a guarantee. “Guarantee” is a stupid thing to say, because it’s so obviously false, but the authoritarians put those words in our mouths and then call us stupid. Build a Straw Man and then pretend to flail it to death. It’s the only way they can appear stronger or more clever; by lying.

    It is a cute trick though. Cute, but not very wise. I think I first learned it from elementary schoolyard bullies.

    So we’ll take it full circle and fix the Straw Man assertion;
    “Guns (weapons in general) are necessary to freedom”.

    History pretty well proves it, over and over again. Now if you want to argue with THAT you’ll have to get into into some serious thinking, like what is “freedom”, “freedom from what?”, “what’s so great about freedom anyway?”, and so on. Just don’t tell people they said things they didn’t say.

  4. We could assert the inverse of “guns guarantee freedom” though with some credibility; “the absence of guns (in the hands of the populace) guarantees tyranny.”

    If you want to argue with THAT, again you’ll need some serious reflection, and then we could have a productive conversation. For example; at what level of parasitism could a population be kept feeding its parasites without the blatant presence of threats of deadly force to intimidate them? The socialist democracies of Europe, or Japan, might be cited as examples of relatively “free” societies without significantly armed populates. The fact that they seem to be on the verge of economic collapse notwithstanding– their rulers are fat rich, and therefore we may say that they are “successful” without being “tyrannies” by some people’s definition. We could get into the issues of mind control, or “social engineering” as it’s been called, of moral decay, distraction, spiritual bankruptcy and so on. Whatever it takes to feed the parasite. We’re doing it here of course, as everywhere else. It’s just a matter of degree and style.

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