A politician who understands our issue

Via email from daughter Jaime I received a link to this March 2, 2018 speech by Nick Freitas, delegate to the Virginia house of Representatives.

I sometimes think politicians don’t have a clue about much of anything. This guy does a good job on our issue:

Some of the comments from YouTube:

This guy is brilliant, articulate and dead right. On all counts. Logic, truth and facts are his friends, as they are the deadly enemies of the Left.


I was waiting for a bald eagle to land on my shoulder during that speech.


Democrats walked out during the speech, claiming they were offended. Dems are such a joke.


We need to push sanctuary cities and sanctuary states for undocumented AR15s. Stop the breaking up of innocent ARs from their families.

DH Gaston

The day the adult stood up.

Larry Hickey


3 thoughts on “A politician who understands our issue

  1. It’s a very nice speech. A nice speech, and a dollar, will buy you a cheap-ass cup of coffee at a gas station.

    Still though, he uses the term “arming teachers”, which will be seen as a call for a mandate, a fiat, dragging anti gun teachers, little old ladies kicking and screaming, to the shooting range and forcing them to learn to shoot, then forcing them to carry in class. It implies getting a government panel together and planning a teacher-arming strategy, complete with government-paid instructors, administrators, and a budget.

    No, No, No! Simply getting out of the way, and STAYING out of the way, of the citicen’s right to bear arms, is all that need be done (a lack of government is needed in this case).

    “Arming teachers” implies more government action. Liberty means less government action. Just get out of the way, stop GUMMING UP THE WORKS, and some teachers, school admin. and staff will naturally arm themselves, and at zero cost to the taxpayer. Just fuck off and go away, and the problem is thereby solved.

    But that would be oppression, oppression of the criminal class, and so it will never be acceptable.

    • “Stop disallowing teachers to arm” is more accurate but wordy.

  2. I’m not for arming teachers. I’m not for turning schools into prisons with armed guards and metal detectors. I’m for overturning the Gun Free Kill Zones law. That’s it. That’s all that’s needed. Simple, easy peasy puddin and pie. Problem solved.

    Ps. Lyle, my nearby gas station has excellent coffee for around a dollar. Smile.

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