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Via a tweet from Firearm Policy Coalition:


The political left has a strong tendency to deflect when presented with something like this. That tells you all you need to know about them and possession of guns. They hate gun ownership more than they are repulsed by the slaughter of hundreds of innocent children and teachers.


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  1. In the world the political left wants (if they can sweep us out of their way), the kid doesn’t have that rifle, so the cartoon presents a false choice. Again, to the anti-liberty movement, that argument, as practical and logical as it is to you and me, simply makes no sense. Worse yet, it is willfully ignoring the “obvious” solution of taking the guns out of the general population.

    They would say;

    “Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa!!! You show that kid with an AR, idiot! You psycho nut job!!! THAT’s the WHOLE problem, right there, stupid!, and therefore ONLY WE have the solution!”

    So we need to reply to that. Are they a step ahead of us at this point? Do they have is where they want us?

    • If they want to address that issue, then do so. In the mean time repeal the “gun free zone” laws which are enabling the murders of so many innocent people.

      • I have unilaterally repealed the fun free zone problem by homeschooling my children. It’s not as cheap or as comfortable as sending them off to the indoctrination farm to be raised by other people. We are much less wealthy because my wife stays home with them rather than working, but they are safe, protected, and will receive far superior education *and socializing* than my wife or I received through the public atheist education factory.

    • The reply to if there are no guns then the kid wouldn’t have one is to show the next cartoon where the kid is carrying a pressure cooker with a timer attached.

      The root cause of this tragedy is bullying. Kid was picked on and bullied by the kids in that school. He went there to get even with those bullies.
      Kids can be the cruellest beings on the planet. Social media amplifies that cruelty a thousand times.

      • I wonder about the notion that bullying is the root cause. Bullying has been around since the beginning of humanity, so it doesn’t seem like a credible explanation for this new phenomenon.

        • Social media has taken Bullying to a whole new level. I was bullied through most of school but I did have a few friends. There are two types of bullying. Active and passive. Active is the name calling notes, pranks and such.Passive is when people just avoid you.
          I suspect Cruz was ostracized to the point of having NO friends. Why do you think he chose the school he attended and targeted students.

  2. I suspect they would consider this a false dichotomy, with the elimination of weapons ownership by the proletariat being their preferred option. But since that idea doesn’t even track with known reality, the above cartoon presents the truest dichotomy there ever could be. Which school do you want to send your young children to?

  3. Part of the Dark Side strategy has been a centuries-long cultural and psy-ops war designed to turn us into a people that can’t be trusted with guns.

    America has been a tough nut to crack. The Russians, by contrast, fell more than a hundred years ago, followed by the Chinese and others. But we’ll fall eventually. We’re almost there.

    • Infantilizing the nation by allowing people to remain on their parents health insurance until 26, forcing them to remain in school until at least 18 years old, then restricting their ability to buy certain things until 21 is a huge part of this.

      As a side note, we are currently being lectured by people 16-18 years of age – who apparently know what’s best for us – that the voting age should be lowered to 16 while the age minimum for long gun ownership should be raised to 21. ‘I can’t be trusted to own a rifle, but should be trusted to vote’. Does anyone else see the conflict with this logic?

      • Does anyone else recall the outrage at Edward Snowdens age when he leaked classified information? I recall John McCain demanding to know why someone 29 years old was trusted with top secret info. Will 29 be the next age target for the incremental infantilization of America?

        • And that Clown McCain was a fighter/bomber pilot in our Navy at a younger age. I guess he is even more of a clown than I thought! Apparently, he thinks HE was a clown back then.
          A fellow POW stated that his opinion was that McCain was mentally damaged in prison, and shouldn’t have run for office.

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