Government has its own agenda

Via a private message from Don Kaag we have this explanation for why the local police didn’t do anything about the murdering scumbag in Florida when they were told dozens of times prior to when he shot up the kids.

If These Tweets Are True, Broward FL Law Enforcement Has A LOT To Answer For!!

I stumbled upon was a Broward County law enforcement system in a state of conflict. The Broward County School Board and District Superintendent entered into a political agreement with Broward County Law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes.

The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to “improve their statistics” and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein.

So police officials, the very highest officials of law enforcement (Sheriff and Police Chiefs), entered into a plan.

The primary problem was the policy conflicted with laws, and over time the policy began to create outcomes where illegal behavior by students was essentially unchecked by law enforcement. Link.

Initially, the police were excusing misdemeanor behaviors. However, it didn’t take long for felonies, even violent felonies (armed robberies, assaults and worse) were being excused.

Only then a Parkland school shooting happened. For Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel this had to be an “oh shit” moment; but not for the reasons the media initially thought. If people start digging, they’ll discover the shooter was one of those previously excused students

2013/2014 – Praise for the program: Link.

2017 – The program continues. Still chasing year-over-year reductions. Worse and worse crimes being excused. Link.

2018 – Parkland School Shooting. 17 dead. Political cop (SRO) cowered from the shooter; now retiring. School board wondering ‘what went wrong’.
Entirely predictable. Link.

The specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms is an essential part of life. Government has it’s own agenda and many times that agenda has nothing to do with protecting the rights of individuals. The Second Amendment enables individuals to protect themselves from all predators. This includes four legged predators, two legged predators, and the multi-headed monster called “government”.

When the dealing with corrupt and/or predatory governments the Second Amendment is Plan B when Plan A, the First Amendment, is insufficiently convincing that change is required.


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  1. Change the statistics to get Federal money, but don’t do anything to actually solve the problem and don’t enforce the law or get dangerous people off the street. Then have your “first responders” hide behind cover while innocents are being murdered. But it’s the NRA’s fault. The BSO and BCSD need a through house cleaning starting at the top.

  2. I have seen this information in another forum. My first reaction is that this cannot possibly be true. It is difficult to imagine that a conspiracy of this magnitude can exist for the length of time described. Truth, however, can be stranger than fiction. If this is proven to be true, then all related parties should be tried as accessories to murder and given prison sentences at the high end of any discretionary sentencing guidelines. If there are no consequences, there will be no changes. Unfortunately, seeing other grossly illegal activities go unpunished due to undue influence or “other considerations” I do not believe that, if these allegations are true, there will be anything of note done. Have I become the conditioned cynic that the progressives desire conservatives to become?

    • Miguel pointed out that this is the same district that brought us Debbie Wasserman Schultz, so it isn’t quite as implausible as it might seem at first.

  3. Hi Joe, please see the following article from TCTH, this is very informative and is all backed up. I would also recommend ‘If I had A Son’ byJack Cashill. As this policy is also the reason that Trayvon Martin was walking around the streets to assault George Zimmerman

  4. As bad as all that is, I believe it’s much worse. This sort of crime promotion (for what else can it be called) has been going on for decades in the black neighborhoods of our larger cities. And look what’s been done to their schools at the same time. Coincidence? No. It keeps happening and they keep calling for more of the same, therefore it cannot be coincidence.

    But it’s worse than all that, and the evidence is Operation Fast and Furious. We now know, for sure and for certain, how they think AND that they’re acting on that thinking at the highest levels in the Swamp.

    But it’s worse than all that. The Republican Party has sat and twiddled its thumbs this whole time, pandering to us at times but stuffing their fat faces at the same trough, side-by-side with Democrats. That many people, for so long, so close and so entwined with the system, cannot possibly be so blind or so stupid as to not know exactly what’s happening. That can only mean that they are complicit.

    Sedition and treason are the order of the day in Washington.

    Remember all of this at their trials.

  5. I am betting that there is still someone in the DoJ running this program and that something similar is going on wherever the Democrat Party controls the school district and local LE. Any takers?

  6. “The Second Amendment enables individuals to protect themselves from all predators. This includes four legged predators, two legged predators, and the multi-headed monster called “government”.

    Right. You mean the multi-headed beast, and thus you’ve stumbled into Biblical prophecy. But the beast includes the major religions, “science”, media/”education” and government. Some would say WA DC, The City of London and the Vatican (military, financial and “spiritual”). If the world could see the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelations in their combined context, millions and millions of eyes would be open to what’s happening. And by the way; that beast, which rules the entire world, isn’t going to be defeated by Man.

    Our only role is in revealing it.

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