Quote of the day—Chad Prather‏ @WatchChad

Help me understand why you want a guy you’ve been calling Hitler for over a year to collect all your guns.

Chad Prather‏ @WatchChad
Tweeted on February 17, 2018
[That is a reasonable ask. But I’m pretty certain Prather knows the answer. The people calling Trump “Hitler” are projecting. They know they wouldn’t be at risk if gun were confiscated. But they know they are at risk when attempting to implement their political goals. They are planning for the future when they regain political power and implement their “(final) solution”.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chad Prather‏ @WatchChad

  1. There will be no “Final Solution” (Endlösung) as long as we remain vigilant (and armed).

  2. Oh, I don’t know about them being at no risk.

    There’s no better cover for being an illegal gun owner than shrieking loudly about the evils of guns.

    After the gun-collection agency trashes their home for the fifth time looking for the guns that aren’t there but the anonymous tips keep rolling in, I think they might understand that. They might have to buy guns for the gun-stapo to find early just to keep the sheetrock intact.

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