Quote of the day—Aharon Grossman

Carrying makes you a sissy.

  • If somebody bumps you walking down the street while you are carrying, you show extra restraint and let it go.
  • If someone whistles at your girlfriend while you are carrying, you smile and shrug it off.
  • If two guys are in a scuffle and you are tempted to jump in to break it up, you don’t.
  • If somebody gets in your face about your inconsiderate parking, you use you best verbal judo to de-escalate the situation.
  • If things do get real hot, you’ll find yourself yelling, “I don’t want any trouble.” so that all the bystanders and their cellphone cameras can hear.

Aharon Grossman
January 18, 2018
Answering the question, “What should I know carrying a concealed firearm?
[Or, in other words, “An armed society is a polite society.”—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Aharon Grossman

  1. The concealed carry population is so polite and so law-abiding, not because we are angels, but because the stakes are so high for us.

    You can kill someone because you were paying more attention to your phone than the road while driving, and you WILL get your license back.

    Clear leather when it isn’t justified , and you will never OWN a gun ever again, let alone carry one.

  2. Restraint? Politeness? De-escalation?

    Those are not universally desirable traits or goals. Some people want those things, and some want the opposite. Some are professional agitators. Was it Nancy Pelosi or HRC who defined herself as “a disrupter”? Of course they’ll hate armed Americans if restraint, politeness and de-escalation are the result of gun ownership. That fucks up the whole plan.

  3. The 2nd is the only right that can be taken away FOREVER for the violation of any one of numerous unconstitutional laws.

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