3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Thomas Sowell

  1. That is true of course, but only assuming the observer has any decent moral principles. If one desires to live off of the works of others, by force and the threat of force, and is no deterred by the thought of their actions causing mass destruction, then there’s no amount of scrutiny which will turn one’s allegiance away from the authoritarian side.

    And so there’s another way to look at the situation; what if the authoritarians are knowingly, intentionally evil and prefer it that way, and what if a major portion of their followers also know and want it anyway? You do realize that there’s a global movement which says there is no sin and no evil, right? Back in the late 19th/early 20th Century they called themselves the Progressives, but that’s only a part of it. All of the major religions are now on board, calling themselves the ecumenical movement, and the United Nations is on board with them. Evil to them is a farce– You can point it out and hold it up in their faces, and they’ll laugh at your “ignorance”.

    Sowell’s words, which you and I may see as simple and obvious truth, are to the authoritarians now being called “Toxic Masculinity” or “Backward-Mindedness”, “Harmful” or “Hate Speech”. His are the words of an incipient “Terrorist”, or in the language of the old papacy, “heresy” (opposition to the One True Authority which is of course the pope in league with government at all levels).

    Don’t expect the simple and obvious truth to be well received. It never is and never has been. It gets in the way of people’s plans, and they’ll kill to hang on to their plans.

    So no– Sowell is wrong. The truth does not and will not “destroy” the authoritarians’ evil plans. The best it can do is get a small number of people to question things. The majority has always gone with the looters.

  2. Lyle: Just curious…is there any “left” viewpoint you view as reasonable? Or is there just the “truth” and then “everything else?”

  3. Orwell said that language makes humans easy to control—control their language and you control the people. Thus we see the left CONSTANTLY
    changing the ‘rules’, constantly changing definitions for words ( that depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ ‘is’) and constantly moving and redrawing EVERYTHING. If there are no defined, rules, boundaries or meanings then everything can be, mean or be used for whatever they wish. It’s part of Alinsky’s rules and part of the agenda of conquest the communists actually put into writing decades ago. When standards cannot be defined….they DON’T EXIST.

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