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    • No, he won’t. He will find that there are plenty of others willing to use deadly force to usurp your rights in the quest for their power. Unfortunately for Tony, he won’t realize that his desired right of free speech is being abridged as well until it is too late for him to say OOPS!

      • And then he’ll find that what he says is suddenly and surprisingly to him, Hate Speech. And he can wonder why he’s in the bunk next to mine in the gulag, or reeducation camp or refugee camp or whatever the euphemistic phrase for where they put, with his approval, all the people he disagreed with during his two minutes of hate that is the evening news.

  1. Two alliances (pro liberty and pro control) each viewing the other as “devils” and each thinking of themselves as freedom advocates (the pro control side want the “freedom” to control others).

    The authoiritarians won’t tend to listen to any principled arguments either. Not a lot of them, anyway, so long as the “devil” is making the argument.

    So I see one of two things happening; either the authoritarians will have to fight us, meaning war, or they’ll have to be intimidated out of power so they can hate and suffer without influence. But they’ll never give up, as history tells us for sure and for certain. Not ever. They’re fighting the “devil” after all. OK three things then, the third being that we surrender our liberty, piece by piece, in return for the false promise of peace, as has been the historical norm. History also tells us that option three is the most likely.

    • I don’t view militant liberal fascists as devils. I view them as infants. No different from children in their so-called “terrible two’s”, leftists are pleasure driven emotional infants who suddenly find themselves strong enough to create a lot of damage, but lacking in maturity and discipline.

  2. Looking at his name, he’s clearly not American. And, as he expresses contempt for rights a naturalization oath would require he support, he lied.

    He has to go back.

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