Quote of the day—Tyler Yzaguirre

The only people who benefit from stricter gun control laws are criminals. That’s why states and cities across America should be looking for other, more promising ways to reduce crime.

Tyler Yzaguirre
January 7, 2018
To reduce shootings, look for better ideas beyond gun control
[The criminals are both the obvious robbers and thugs as well as the not quite as obvious politicians who lust after power.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tyler Yzaguirre

  1. I, for one, propose a repeat of ace news reporter Fox Butterfield’s amazing observation from the Bill Clinton era, that prison populations were at an all-time high despite, yes, despite, decreasing crime rates. https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/clay-waters/2014/10/31/butterfield-effect-still-full-effect-nyt-crime-its-lowest-leveleven

    This amazing inversion of cause and effect is ongoing in news media today.

    However, there are other causes for reductions in crime rate than incarceration rates, and when those causes for crime decreases (such as demographic changes, economic booms, redefinition of criminal behavior) occur, you can get a decreasing crime rate along with lower incarceration rates. Yay, decreased crime, for many reasons. https://www.sentencingproject.org/publications/fewer-prisoners-less-crime-a-tale-of-three-states/

    Putting criminals in jail for extended periods works to stop those criminals from continuing their lives of crime. There are also other ways to have less crime, too.

  2. “…states and cities across America should be looking for other, more promising ways to reduce crime.”

    That assumes intents and goals not in evidence.

    First, establish the notion that crime reduction is desirable among the Swamp creatures in control. Long years of observation tells us it is not. Far from it, they’re clearly intent on chaos.

    Authoritarians (criminals all) do not benefit from crime reduction. Therefore, given their goal of chaos, pain and frustration leading to the embrace of a yet more authoritarian system, they should be pushing for more gun control. Absolutely. Disarming the citizenry is one of the single, most effective things they could do to promote chaos and pain on several fronts.

    Furthering justice on one hand, and mere crime reduction or prevention on the other, are totally different concepts. That’s another thing the People need to unpack and examine. Crime reduction may result from justice, certainly, but “crime reduction” may well be accomplished without justice. Never fall for the Swamp tactic, the trap, of conflating the two.

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