Quote of the day—Mitchell Alvardo

Either gun possession makes people stupid irrational cowards or stupid irrational cowards are drawn to gun possession

I’ve never spoken with a single gun owner who was by any measure, a decent intelligent human being. They’re either wannabe terrorists planning on killing law enforcement or terrified of a situation that could be prevented with locks and motion lights.

Creatures that worthless and evil are undeserving of living among actual human beings.

Mitchell Alvardo
Post on Facebook
November 26, 2018
[I thought I would start out the new year with something particularly good. Enjoy!

This is just another example of someone who thinks they have the wisdom, and should have the power, to decide which groups of people lives and who should be put to death.

Also note that Facebook hasn’t taken down this hateful post. This post meets their standards.

And now you know why the right to keep and bear arms is so important.—Joe]