Quote of the day—Peter Gillespie

Get back to the basics. Scrap the outdated constitution. Just a document writted by politicians and the cause of many of the problems in the US.

Peter Gillespie
October 15, 2017
Comment to Tucker vs. Lawyer on Gun Purchases: ‘How Many Should Trigger a Police Visit?’
[How refreshing! A brief flash of honesty and an admission of guilt about his intended goals.

I look forward to his trial.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Peter Gillespie

  1. I’m for scrapping the sixteenth amendment (not because it was made by politicians, but because it was made by Progressive anti-American Marxists). Does that make me an enemy of the state too, being as I oppose a part of the constitution?

  2. I wonder what he’d offer in its place. None at all, like in England — where the law is whatever Parliament decides, and elections happen if and when Parliament lets them? Or Hamilton’s proposal — which has a legislature “with power to pass all laws whatsoever”? Or the Dutch “constitution” — which contains words that seem to protect rights, but then negates it all by stating that no court has any authority to review any law or regulation for its adherence to the constitution?
    The other interesting question is how he’d get there from here. A revolution? With the good guys having all the weapons and ammo? Or an amendment? But that would require not just the consent of 3/4 of the states, but rather unanimous consent — since Article V says “that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.” Or perhaps a convention which proposes something new with its own ratification procedure, as the current Constitution concocted. But that would mean the USA is dissolved, and only the states that agree to the new thing are part of the new country.

    • I’m thinking he probably would go with a dictator of his choice who make laws on a whim with his pen or phone call.

  3. If he really wants to get back to basics, just scrap anything newer than the Magna Carta – those with the biggest rocks or spears get to make the rules.

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