10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—SpidermanDC

  1. Things never change much. Democrats have always been obsessed with skin color, and the Nazis would measure people’s skull dimensions. Why not measure penis length as a way of determining, as Margaret Sanger put it, who is “fit” and who is “unfit”? Such a test would be perfectly in keeping with Progressivism.

    • This reminds me of Golda Meir’s comment when a curfew on women was proposed as a way to reduce the incidence of rape of women in Jerusalem.
      “Wouldn’t it be better to have a curfew for men?”
      These are the same moral monkeys who fight every sort of prior restraint against the freedom of the press, including a tax on printer’s ink. But logical consistency has never been the Left’s strong suit, just as it has never been that of children. l

      • They used to be against restrictions on freedom of speech. But no longer — now they also want to abolish that freedom.

  2. Initially, I have to admit this is so silly it is kind of funny. In a pathetic way.

    Then the reality of eugenics that this equates to, shows it to be disgusting.

    I could think of a whole bunch of alternate criteria to prevent people like SpidermanDC and other liberals from having the ability to vote, drive, drink, marry, own property and firearms (gasp), and blog. That’s why we have a Constitution. His ideas are not up for debate. My rights are guaranteed.

  3. “Yea, I once stopped a mass murderer with just my penis”. Said no one, ever.

  4. Gun Control advocate says, “no woman should ever own a gun,” film of this sexist comment and more at eleven.

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