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The US has too many guns and too many idiots who buy them. And we have too many idiot judges that support the idiotic republican view of guns. It may have to do with “small hand syndrome” or an inability to interact with the opposite sex.

October 2, 2017
Comment to Why Congress still won’t ‘do something’ about gun laws after Las Vegas
[This is what they think of you and the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—MMSJkenB

  1. If we’re that horrible, maybe we should be rounded up and shot. Oh wait; we have all the guns.

    It’s usually the lefties, or the jihadists they support, who go nuts and murder people. Tell me the Las Vegas shooter was an American patriot, a follower of the Judaeo/Christian narrative, an out-spoken advocate of the constitution and American founding principles. Go ahead. I’m waiting.

    Also, when a jihadist does his thing, the lefties go immediately into protection mode; “The worst thing that could happen now is some kind of reprisal against Muslims. We CANNOT judge all Muslims because of the actions of one member of the International Coalition of Lone Wolves.”

    Where is any of that now;
    “Don’t judge all gun owners for the actions of one, because that would be SO WRONG”!

    It is very telling that the leftists’ deeply-held sense of fairness seems to disappear in a flash. “Don’t judge the many for the actions of a few” will be right back in the leftist narrative though, next time a Muslim does his thing. Like clockwork.

    The left is genuinely consistent only in a very narrow range of behaviors; they’re consistently anti-American, anti-human, anti liberty and pro authoritarian. Thus they love jihad, communists and abortion, they’re excited by and even attracted to gangsters and dictators, and they hate Judaeo/Christian civilization with a white-hot passion.

    And I’ll say that it’s all our fault, because a) we’ve never been close to consistent in articulating our principles, and b) we’ve been extremely tolerant of the anti-American cancer as it metastasized throughout Western society over the last 100 years. When the children misbehave, then take over the household, the adults are to blame. We brought this All on ourselves.

    • I think you nailed it!

      It is amazing they consider anyone who buys a gun to be an idiot.

      The fact that there are many great reasons to own firearms defeats this simplistic and inaccurate slur.

      1. Target shooting and competition
      2. Hunting
      3. Self defense
      4. National defense
      5. Collecting
      6. Investment
      7. Artwork, engineering, engraving, precious metals, metallurgy, mechanics, and chemistry

      …and their counterpoint is “dick” jokes and low IQ on our part.

      I just offered an intelligent defense. Who are you going to believe?

    • Yes, they’re all for not judging a class by the acts or one person, so long as the act supports disorder as a precursor to total control.

      All the babbling faces on the news can do is demand the magical bump stock be banned because all they have so far is the murderer was an old (now dead) white guy. Like without this stock he couldn’t wiggle his finger really fast and get 99% of the same result (I’ve seen people at the range who don’t need automatic rifles; they seem as fast as Jerry Micilek).

    • Of course their fairness disappears in a flash, they’re leftists. Fairness is to them like it is to a ten year old boy, something for them alone, when it benefits them alone. When it’s fairness for someone else, they forget and only know they want something. They then say anything if they think it helps them get what they want. Fairness is a faint and abstract hint of a memory then.

  2. Yeah, Lyle, the fact that the TPTB are still searching for a motive tells anyone with an IQ above “liberal” exactly what his political/religious views were.
    I understand that oj is out of jail; maybe they should put him on a retainer to go searching for all those unknown/unfindable motives whenever one of theirs(and it’s almost ALWAYS one of theirs) does this.

    • you are correct, Since no politically palatable motive has been revealed, perhaps it really is him in that blurry picture from the Leftist rally that made the rounds a few days ago. And the fact that my Leftist brother and Stalinist Sister in law aren’t mentioning the scum means that he is the embarrassing uncle in the leftist family, best left unmentioned.

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