Quote of the day—Michael Jacobus

My Baba said the Nazi’s were better than the communist.

Coming from a woman who earned a few years of slave labor and a tattoo number from the Nazi’s, makes you wonder how socialism/ communism has such a good PR program on our higher education campuses.

Michael Jacobus
September 24, 2017
Comment to We Still Need To Kill Commies For Mommy, And For The Children.
[I could speculate I don’t think that would be as productive as making more ammunition and more practice.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Michael Jacobus

  1. Until the mid to late fifties most of the information about the Gulags was not easy to obtain. Tim Tsoulakis’s book, The Forsaken tells the story of Americans who emigrated to the USSR (some unwittingly when their passports were taken and they were deemed by everyone to have renounced American Citizenship. Most of those stories didn’t come out until the sixties at least.
    The cold war ended without occupation of the enemy, so the control of files and archives remained with the ex Soviets. Combine that with the ever present desire that “this time will be different, we’ll have the right people in charge, and no one wants to hear about how the system fails time after time because it’s flawed and rotten in its core.

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