Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

It is the triumph of Western democracy that philosophies are allowed to exist and propagate even if they are ultimate evil. It is the failure of Western democracy that we support this to a fault, of allowing Communists to breathe air needed by human beings.

Then we can get back to killing National Socialists and regular Socialists as well, since their difference is only one of path, not destination.

Michael Z. Williamson
September 21, 2017
We Still Need To Kill Commies For Mommy, And For The Children.
[I’m going to need more ammo.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Z. Williamson

  1. “Western democracy” eh? But what’s that if not national socialism?

    Democracy, being two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner, is, for all practical purposes, socialism.

    When did we stop talking about liberty and justice for all, and start calling ourselves democrats?

    Certainly the transformation in our speech patterns was complete by the time of FDR, with the “arsenal of democracy” meme (as opposed to “arsenal of liberty”).

    We now cannot describe the difference between democracy (cannibalism) and liberty. We’re not aware of a difference to be described.

    Have American principles been left out of the discussion? I mean, is that now official?

    What are we talking about? It hasn’t been made clear. We’re receiving the suggestion to kill leftists, in favor of……….(blank out).

    Killing socialists and communists (et al) is all well and good, but then no one would be left alive on Earth. I’d have to kill my wife, my kids, all the rest of my extended family, and all but one or two of my business associates.

    That of course is the dream of Progressives (slow, incremental communist revolutionaries), who view Humanity as a stain on an otherwise pristine Earth. As I’ve pointed out numerous times before, they’ll have us doing their work for them, one way or another.

    That which irritates you, you become.

    • Western philosophy differs from others in that the individual has significance apart from the society of which they are a part and/or their ruler. Hence the individual votes for those who make and enforce the law. The people running for office are public servants and not rulers. If you talk to some people from some non-western cultures the concept of an individual separate from their society is nonsensical.

      Socialism is more aligned with non western philosophy where voting is a show to give the people the illusion they have control over their lives. In reality, at best, the individual gets to influence who their ruler is.

      Hence “Western Democracy”, properly interpreted, is western philosophy implemented via a popular vote of public servants. It has been corrupted by degrees, more so in some places than others, to be socialist. So, I would say Williamson is correct, in theory, to use that phrase and you are right, in practice, to question the difference between “Western Democracy” and socialism as seen in the real world.

  2. We need not kill the socialists and communists. They can be more effectively trained, re-educated if you will, out of their aberrant thought processes and political inclinations. Perhaps in large learning centers where the concentration of those being re-educated would make for efficiency. We could make it fun, like going to camp. Oh, wait.

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