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the only good reason to have a gun is for expensive recreational activities like hunting or target shooting. otherwise you’re that a****** sitting at home with a gun collecting dust hoping someone breaks into your home so you can live out your fantasy.

September 3, 2017
Comment to Would you accept this Gun Rights / Gun Control compromise?
[This is what they think of you and our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.—Joe]


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  1. In the reply to :
    “So long as the government footed the bill for the licensing program, sure. I wouldn’t want poorer people precluded from exercising their constitutional right.”
    That first part :
    “i absolutely would since the poorer you are the more likely you are to commit a gun crime. “
    is the more telling.

    Such blatant prejudice and bigotry from the left is part and parcel of their proggie/liberal authoritarian viewpoint. These imbeciles feel confident enough – apparently from the mistaken idea that ‘their time has come’ due to all the hoopla surrounding President Trump – to open their traps and remove any doubt as to their views.
    So, spread the information around (as in gently rub their noses in it) to those who virtue signal that they’re proggies, but from their actual lifestyles are as, or more conservative than Mr & Mrs Cleaver.

    • A good way to understand their bigotry is to look into the etymology of the term “Saturday Night Special”.
      Another good way is to read “The Racist Roots of Gun Control” by Clayton Cramer.

      • Oh, I understand the racist aspect.
        It’s the confidence in openly displaying their contempt that is interesting.
        Usually they’ve kept their traps shut in public, but they now seem to not care about the “optics” .
        I like that. It’s easier when they provide their own words to use as ammunition against them.

        • There is something particularly satisfying when you can prevail over someone with their own words.

  2. yes, do obayman, and i sincerely hope that the idiot breaking into my home at 3.30 a.m. is you, as 1.)you satisfy the idiot requirement quite handsomely, and 2.)since you obviously will not be armed with a gun (as you hate them so much), you also satisfy the easy prey requirement as well. laughing. oh, i do go into a lather, just thinking about it. laughing some more.

    and, pray tell, do obayman, what will be the response you come up with, when someone breaks into your home at 3.30 a.m.? keep in mind, that on a good night, it will take the police (just think of them as the guns in your employ, you nice little pacifist you) about 15 minutes to arrive on scene. in a large rural county like mine, a sheriff might be 45 or minutes in responding if he happens to be on the “wrong” end of the county when the call arrives.

    i once picked up a family north of las vegas about that time in the morning, who’d been involved in an altercation with a deer at about 75 mph. the deer lost, but their car was put out of operation. i hauled them (grandpa, daddy, mommy and infant, and a service dog) into a little bar in a mining town, and it took the neveda state patrolman about an hour to get there: traveling along at a pretty good clip. more than ample time to bleed out from a serious bleeding wound, eh?

    (burglars like military bayonets, too, … , the better to pry things open, and to gig an idiot such as yourself, if need be. think about it.)

    john jay

  3. They sure project a lot, don’t they? It’s not often that I’ve actually “fantasized” about shooting someone. Only when taking a self-defense class, and visualizing the mechanics of performing a certain activity does that really enter my thoughts.

    If DOAbayman and his ilk really think that us gun folk sit around and dream about shooting people, what must be going through his head? Does he dream of boxcars, re-education camps, and gibbets? Or just more mundane things like beatings and stonings?

    It wasn’t until the libs started screeching about the horrible things that I must be thinking about that I actually even considered them. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, I guess. Wish for something long enough, and maybe it’ll come true. If that’s the case, it might well be that the liberal are pre-conditioning gun owners to the point that we really won’t give a damn if a few of them get shot from time to time.

    • One of the best examples of projection is in a conversation reported by Martin Fischer:

      ‘I had a liberal colleague giving me grief about guns and that gun owners are crazy, so I just put the question to her – if someone handed you a loaded gun, what would you do with it? She said “I’d look for someone to shoot”. I told her “That’s the difference between me and you – I’d be looking to be sure it was pointed toward a safe place. You’re the one that needs professional help, not me.”‘ — Martin Fischer, Conestoga College (on the bearingarms.com blog)

  4. “This is what they think of you and our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.”

    It becomes clearly understandable if you change one word in that sentence;

    “This is what criminals think of you and our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.”

    It is the criminal mind that conjures up the thought of you sitting at home with your gun, ready to defend life and property, and despises and hates the image. To that criminal mind, you’re just about the worst, most sickening thing imaginable.

    Therefore be glad that you’re hated by certain elements. If you weren’t so hated, there’d be something terribly wrong with you. If you were throrughly righteous, they’d be trying to kill you. That they’re not actively trying to kill you (you in particular, not just the general, on-going scheming for the destruction of Judaeo-Christian civilization) is an indication that perhaps you have some ways to go.

  5. I guess he ought to take the spare tire out of his car, because he’s that fat a**hole speeding down the highway hoping some day he’ll get a blowout and get to live out his fantasy of being a competent man.
    and a contemptible person, too.

    • I’ve used the spare tire analogy a lot myself. Also, if he has a fire extinguisher in his kitchen, he must just be dying to have a fire. The possibilties seem endless.

      • Seat belts are a particularly good analogy. Do you aim for an accident because you’re using a seat belt? Do you drive more recklessly because of the seat belt?

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