Quote of the day—Rabbi Dovid Bendory

A funny thing happened after the election…the Left started buying guns.

I know, because I was approached by several congregants in synagogue, and when I asked why they had a sudden interest in firearms ownership, they told me they were concerned about the need to defend themselves against a government out of control. (Ironic, that
explanation—when we freedom-lovers felt that way about then-president Obama, a real and demonstrated threat to freedom, and we were mocked and ridiculed.)

I don’t know where this will lead us. But I do know that many of these first time buyers are in for a surprise when they learn that the Second Amendment community is welcoming, open, and tolerant. That we’re happy to greet new shooters of any political or social background. But more than any of this, I hope they learn the Second Amendment is a right, not a privilege.

Rabbi Dovid Bendory
Rabbinic Director, JPFO
A Funny Thing Happened After the Election
The Bill of Rights Sentinel, Vol 1, No 9, page 3

[A better way to tame an out of control government is to dramatically trim its powers. One would think an explanation of constitutionally enumerated powers would be sufficient enlightenment but, as those who wrote and ratified the 2nd Amendment into The Bill of Rights knew, sometimes words are not enough and more drastic measures are required.—Joe]


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  1. I think the Rabbi’s congregants will find out that (a) the 2nd Amendment community is welcoming, (b) the government is not, especially in leftist states. One wonders if they will learn from that experience. Probably not, as Robert Avrech has explained repeatedly.

  2. Two possibilities exist when leftists buy a firearm. They might begin to see the lies of antigunners as lies, and accept the responsibility of firearm ownership, which leads inexorably to becoming more pro-rights and anti-collectivist. Or they might fail to do so, and will own either an untouched sock drawer occupant or use their handgun irresponsibly based on TV & movie gun use.

    A photo of their faces upon their first shot at the range would be, in my opinion, a strong indicator of which outcome would prevail. Look for the first-time-shooter smile.

  3. We may very well find a new load of liberal converts, who now see the utility and benefit of gun ownership. But among the far-left – gun owners or not, they still want us (on the right) disarmed and dead. I’d just as soon see them staying with chants, drums and dildos.

    • Agreed, there are risks associated with the hard-core left being armed. There are far too many historic examples where the results were extraordinary tragic.

      My inclination is to take the risk. I think it is better for both sides to be armed than for the left to be in control of the government and no one in the private citizen population being armed.

      • Yup, an armed communist is even worse than an unarmed one (except that now you may have an excuse to shoot him), but maybe somewhere along the way he could get a clue as to the meaning of liberty.

        The leftists (authoritarians) who buy guns are the very same ones who believe the lie which says that if you get far enough to the “right” you somehow become a racist and a Fascist. If you believe that lie, there isn’t much hope for you. I believe I’m seeing more and more people embracing and propagating that stupid lie too– Even some of you right here.

        In reality you cannot be so extreme in your belief that people are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that you end up at some point flipping that all on its head and becoming a racist socialist Eugenicist. Racist socialist Eugenicists are all socialist/Marxist in nature and that’s the Democrat Party in the U.S.

        You also cannot be so “extreme” in your embrace of the Judaeo/Christian message that you suddenly flip and start hating people instead of loving them, and become a Nazi (national socialist).

        You cannot be so extreme in upholding the principles of liberty and equality, nor in being a loving person, that you reach the point of authoritarianism and totalitarianism at the end of that path. It’s one of the stupidest lies of all time, and their belief in it is why some on the left are buying guns.

        All leftists on the other hand, including the Democratic and Republican Parties, are moving in the authoritarian/totalitarian direction, progressively, and totalitarianism is right there in plain sight at the end of that path.

        • “Yup, an armed communist is even worse than an unarmed one (except that now you may have an excuse to shoot him), but maybe somewhere along the way he could get a clue as to the meaning of liberty.” — Considering the example of Sen. Diane Feinstein, I’m not optimistic about this.

  4. “…those who wrote and ratified the 2nd Amendment into The Bill of Rights knew, sometimes words are not enough…”

    It’s a pity that they didn’t write in any actual punishments for legislators and bureaucrats who ignore the Constitution or actively work to subvert it…

    “Vote them out” hasn’t worked worth a damn, for the reason Alexis de Tocqueville noted.

  5. Thanks to living with me, my leftist roommate is now a gun owner. He is not, however, any less a leftist, or any less anti-gun. One thing it did change though, is that he would claim not to be anti-gun when taking a clearly anti-gun position, and use his gun owner status as proof of this.

    Guns for me but not for others does not a pro-gun person make.

    For example, he thought it’d be constitutional and a good idea to pass a law making it illegal to carry a gun within a specific distance of *any* elected official, even when out and about in public.

    to him, My open carrying around people, specifically racial minorities, meant I was “oppressing” them and that firearms were different than any other tool because they are “instruments of imminent death.”

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