Quote of the day—Milan Chovanec

Such a massive punishment of decent arms holders is unacceptable, because banning legally-held weapons has no connection with the fight against terrorism.

This is not only a nonsensical decision once again undermining people’s trust in the EU, but implementing the directive could also have a negative impact on the internal security of the Czech Republic, because a large number of weapons could move to the black market.

Milan Chovanec
Interior Minister of The Czech Republic
Czechs take legal action over EU rules on gun control
[It’s also unacceptable because it infringes upon a natural right, but that line of reasoning has no weight on those the message was intended for. If you want to persuade someone you need to be able to speak in a language they understand. Individual rights are an alien concept to socialist politicians.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Milan Chovanec

  1. ” Individual rights are an alien concept to socialist politicians.”

    That concept however, is the socialist’s Achilles Heel. It is their Kryptonite, and they know it. It’s not so much that it is “alien” to them per se, but that it is their feared demon, which must be denied, redefined or avoided at all cost. It is that “Charter of Negative Rights” they’ve mentioned– To recognize the rights of the individual is to shackle them. It is to deny their authority and, potentially, to put them out onto the streets as the common criminals they are at heart. They know about the concept, which is why they recognize it as blasphemy (to the authoritarian alliance) as soon as they see it.

    If the concept of individual rights were so “alien” as to be unrecognisable, then the socialist’s reaction to it would be confusion and curiousity rather than the fear and hate that are typical.

    Approaching gun rights from the Central Planners’ perspective (but then it’s not a “right” you’re discussing anymore because the Central Planners’ starting point, and goal, is the denial of rights and they work only within that sphere of denial) might be a useful tactical move (I’m not convinced), but always keep the basic concept in mind.

  2. And it’s prior restraint, a dirty word when interpreting rights noted in the Bill of Rights.Two thousand years ago a Roman writer knew this when he said “Abusus non tullit Usum.” Abuse does not prohibit [proper] use.

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