Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

It was silly for Seattle to withhold this information, but we’re pretty certain why the city did it. The council was told that this tax could generate between $300,000 and a half-million dollars, but now it appears the city has collected just over $100,000, which is an embarrassing shortfall.

As a result the city has essentially lost money on this scheme because now they have to pay our attorney fees, plus a small penalty. On top of that, the city has lost tax revenue because one major gun dealer has moved out of the city and another has reported considerable sales losses. That is tax money the city will never realize.

Alan M. Gottlieb
SAF Executive Vice President
[Almost for certain, even without paying SAF lawyer fees, the city of Seattle lost money by creating a tax on guns.

But, it was never really about “revenue to provide broad-based benefits through research and prevention programs”. It was about raising the cost of exercising a specific enumerated right. They succeeded in driving sellers out of the city and encouraging legal buyers to travel out of the city.

They should be prosecuted.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan M. Gottlieb

  1. It’s not about the revenue. It’s not about safety. It’s not about crime control. With most politicians and big gubment clowns it is NEVER about the stated goal. The stated goal is simply smoke to give the stupid a warm fuzzy feeling, and failure to achieve the stated goal is a feature not a bug. It is simply about CONTROL.

    The purpose of EVERY lie is CONTROL.

  2. Note the passive voice in that second sentence.

    “The council was told that this tax could generate between $300,000 and a half-million dollars….”

    Who told the city council to expect such a magnificent fountain of revenue?

  3. What? You mean that if I raise taxes by X percent I don’t get X percent more money? But…my calculator says so! And calculators don’t lie!

    And yes; this was never anything but an attempt to chill the exercise of a constitutionally enumerated right, and that’s a federal crime under 18 USC 242.

    Anyway, 300,000 dollars isn’t Jack Squat to a cily the size of Seattle. That’s one Marxist bureaucrat with a cheap office in the basement and a staff of two leftist agitator college kids, tops.

  4. they lose money. They don’t care. You’re dealing with people who would literally want to make there state and this country a dysotopic and/or authoritarian hellhole. They hate guns and freedom and everyone not like them so much that they would be willing to annihilate the place that they live to achieve their fantasy.

    Look at every communist country in the last century.

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