9 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

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  2. Not to point out that the vast majority of shooting by either wing-side is done by lefties.

  3. Also interesting to note the obvious racism involved in the cartoon. We are so accustomed to whites being blamed for all the worlds evils, we don’t even notice anymore. Just imagine if a similar cartoon targeted blacks.

  4. The difference ought to terrify them more.
    The OFWGs just want the left to follow the rule of law instead of making shiite up all the time, or ignoring clear English.
    The jihadists want to destroy EVERYTHING that the left holds dear; homosexuallity, tolerance, freedom of thought, women’s rights, etc…..
    But since the reality doesn’t follow the left’s agenda, we’ll just ignore that part.

  5. Yes well, the idea of “peace through strength” and “an armed society is a polite society” is that certain people of criminal and tyrannical intent SHOULD BE afraid of principled Americans (black, white or brown, men or women) with guns.

    Principled Americans with guns are possibly the most effective peace keeping, and liberty protecting, force on the planet.

    OF COURSE certain people are going to fear and hate us. That’s the idea. It’s better they shrink away in fear now, before we are forced to kill them. The better we are armed and the more obviously willing we are to use those arms, the less chance there is of the Progressive authoritarians (the criminal class) getting too confident and too bold, thus forcing us to kill them.

    So yes, all you leftist, Marxist shit-weasels; fear us. The more the better. Your fear, if it is strong enough, is the only thing can save you (unless you change your evil ways of course, and become real Americans, in which case we will welcome you with joy).

  6. I actually have no problem by owning and knowing how to use a few guns, my compadres and I, minding our own business and not overtly threatening anyone, terrify these left wing, freedom hating, intolerant weasels.

    • Because SJWs project. They know what THEY would do to their political enemies were they (the sjw) as well armed and trained as the right is now, and they assume you are about to do the same to them.

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