Quote of the day—Daniel Greenfield

The left remains convinced that it can create through destruction, that it can build a fair society through theft, an ethical society by destroying its values and a high-minded society through contempt.

It must believe in the redemptive power of its thievery, amorality and hatred. Or face a moral reckoning.

Daniel Greenfield
May 2017
The War of Two Americas
[Via Robert J. Avrech and email from Paul Koning.

I long ago came to the conclusion the left has no morals. Deception and flat out lies are an integral part of their culture. Moral reckoning? Not of their own accord. They will, and their political brethren have, murdered tens of millions and still claim they hold the ethical high ground. Their propensity for violence is obvious and ever present.

Read the whole thing. I alternated between seeing it as a nearly unbelievable conspiracy theory and brilliant insight. Perhaps it is both.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Daniel Greenfield

  1. All Utopianists start off by destroying the current society.

    It is why they have killed over 120 million last century.

  2. That is an excellent piece, though it is in desperate need of some editing.

    Rush Limbaugh, Roy Masters and Michael Savage have been telling the same story, each in their own, very different ways. They’ve been telling it in dibs and dabs in meandering fashion over a course of years though, whereas Greenfield has consolidated and condensed it into a single essay. Very worthwhile.

    I would like to have seen more in the way of defining America. It is critically important that we define what we are FOR, and that, in and of itself, will define and explain what it is we oppose.

    “[The left] must believe in the redemptive power of its thievery, amorality and hatred. Or face a moral reckoning.”

    That’s pretty much the crux of it, right there.

    It also addresses what we’ve often mentioned as the difference between the perpetrators of the left and their duped; the cynical power mongers who fabricate their justifications to fool others, verses their masses of pawns and lieutenants who are mesmerized enough or dumb enough to actually believe them. The knowing liars verses the useful idiots.

    Are they one and the same then? Do the high level perps believe their own lies as soon as they come up with them? To put the question another way; do hate, jealousy and the lust for coercive power come with their own, built-in rationalization and justification systems? Does the deadly poison have a wonderfully pleasant flavor, and come with a drug in it that makes you feel beautiful while it paralyzes and kills you?

    In that case the left becomes more understandable. Jealousy, hate and lust are their own justifications. That they hate us is proof positive that we are terrible and must be put down and then eliminated.

    So it looks as though the left, like jihad, is a “convert or die” movement.

    Interestingly, there can therefore be no tolerance for a convert-or-die movement, and so it’s members must be either converted or killed. That would mean that the existence of any convert-or-die movement turns us all into members of a convert-or-die movement.

    Oh dear! What shall we turn to as a means of escaping this seemingly inescapable paradox? In the time of America’s founding, and it’s infancy, there were frequent calls, either by the president or the various state governors, for a day, here and there, of fasting and prayer. Maybe they had the right idea. Maybe we have to be smart enough to see that we aren’t so smart, great enough to see that we aren’t so great, strong enough to see that we aren’t so strong, and humble enough to see that we aren’t humble at all.

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