Quote of the day—Dr Sally @slsandpet

Anyone with a gun as their avatar has no objectivity They also have a small penis

Dr Sally @slsandpet
Tweeted on December 28, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from BFD @BigFatDave.

Also, as further evidence of her mental capacity, she also tweeted:

no you cannot be bigoted against gun ownership

I can only conclude she is using a dictionary from some alternate universe and/or she has crap for brains.—Joe]


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  1. Seems like a good time for a Confucius quote:

    “When words lose their meaning, people lose their liberty.”

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    • Just so. The other side of that coin is “The truth will set you free”.

      So it is that the search for meaning is the search for liberty, while the hunger for coercive power (or of subjugation to it) is hatred of truth and obfuscation of meaning.

      As we’ve discussed before, it is a matter of allegiance. Once you’re allied with one side or the other, your path is laid before you; you’ll either seek truth or you’ll seek to bury the truth, in service of your alliance.

      Whichever alliance you’re with, the other one consists of rogues, criminals, usurpers and incipient terrorists. There can be no compromise, no cooperation, but only an uneasy truce or period of indecisiveness, or stalemate. Each is an existential threat to the other, and is tolerated only at great peril.

      The Progressives of the late 19th/early 20th century era understood all of this, and sought to bring about their new (essentially Marxist) world order by slow, cultural degradation and rot rather than by the more common, precipitous violence.

      They have gotten far. In America, the pro-slavery Democrats of the Confederacy made the transition to Progressive Marxism and Eugenics easily and naturally, but it was more difficult for the Republicans. Now the Republicans are whipped, the political game is rigged, and so liberty has not been on any ballot for generations.

      Our most contentious political fights are over the degree of, the flavor of, and the speed of transition to, Marxism (some form of a centrally planned, coercion based society). So who’s left?

      • “The Progressives of the late 19th/early 20th century era understood all of this, and sought to bring about their new (essentially Marxist) world order by slow, cultural degradation and rot rather than by the more common, precipitous violence.”

        I wonder if the fact that NONE of the elites survived the Progressive’s student’s efforts to bring about the Soviet state was an influence to go for the slow game here in the US?

    • That Confucius quote certainly is a good explanation for why the left had made schools and universities as bad as they are, and is fighting to keep them that way.

  2. It is true, my objectivity is just non-existent. I am 100% behind the idea that the Constitution means what it says and says what it means, and that includes the Second Amendment.

    She has a doctorate, yawn. It had better not be in medicine since she clearly would have issues with her professional career and her assessment of male genitalia criteria.

  3. In addition to having crap for brains, I’ve come to the conclusion that most gun grabbers are simply scum.

    They’re not worth being nice to. They’re not worth debating. They’re surely not worth coddling or appeasing.

    They generally turn out to be parasites, for that matter. Let them rot.

    • They are worth laughing at.

      The left cannot stand ridicule. When others see just how unhinged they are, they get the feeling “if a nutcase like that is for it, I think I want to be on the other side of the argument, whatever it is.”

  4. Really? She is so steeped in self-righteousness that she thinks bigotry against gun ownership isn’t bigotry? That’s a hell of a brain disconnect!

    I bet if you yelled in her ear, you’d get an echo!

  5. There is a South Park episode about a Japanese toy fad, with a subplot about the Japanese’ sinister attempt to brainwash US kids through the fad. When questioned about their plot, the Japanese toymakers offer profuse apologies, including public self confession that the Japanese have “very, very small penises” in comparison to the American men of South Park. This form of apology catches the Americans fancy, and allows the plot to go forward without hindrance.

    I wish to formally suggest the gun industry adopt the methodology of these cartoon characters, and that we profusely apologize to the anti-gunners for our very small penises, in comparison with their massive anti-gun penises. This should make at least the male anti-gunners feel better about themselves, and maybe stop their Markley’s Law behavior.

    This is worth a try, as nothing else has gotten through their barriers of willful ignorance, duplicity, mendacity and irrationality. And anyway, I enjoy plinking with my Beretta .22 Bobcat yet feel I have no need of compensation.

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