You knew it was coming


Oregon Counties Declare Sanctuary Status Against Gun Control

Four counties in the state of Oregon have declared sanctuary status, saying they will not enforce the universal background checks which Democrats heaved upon the state in 2015.

This reminds me of pre-civil war issues. There were the free states and the slave states. And then there were Federal laws requiring slaves being returned to their “owners” even if they had escaped and made it into a free state.

We are very much in a civil war now over a number of issues. We just haven’t started shooting yet.

We have interesting times ahead of us.


6 thoughts on “You knew it was coming

  1. joe:

    it is a country split right down the middle: half wanting to tell everybody else what to think and do, and the other half insisting that they be left alone, while the vocal “know everythings” insisting that everybody else pay for all their ridiculous schemes.

    it’s getting uglier.

    and, there will be violence. first protest by the left, then increasing violence to include shooting and assassination, and then the right will push back, with a level of violence the left will not comprehend.

    it will be very ugly by the time it is over. i don’t think it will involve armies. more the middle eastern type of things, …. , killing squads, bombings, fires that sort of thing. most unpleasant.


    p.s. and, just like the civil war of the 1860’s, families and regions will be split right down the middle. i would not want to live in a city, because they will be laid siege and starved, and they will live in refuse and sewage w/ no place to put it. quite nasty.

    and, nothing to eat, nor potable water, nor power. it is simple fact that “we deplorable, we merry band of brothers,” live where all that is produced and shipped to the cities. the cities are great economic engines, but, they produce very little in the way of “essentials.” you don’t grow very many carrots in the middle of the freeway fast lane.

    • No. Read your Ferfal. The Argentine collapse showed the elites and the city dwellers invested a lot of manpower and money to ensure the city core was taken care of, because that was their power base. The city periphery was a hell-hole, of course, but as he so bluntly put it: Nobody can hear your screams coming from your rural compound when a well-armed urban crime gang descends upon it like a cloud of locust to loot. Highly recommended reading.

      • I wonder if the fact that most rural people own guns makes the US scenario different from the Argentina one.

        • Read the book. They had guns too. The issue was a single family couldn’t keep watch 24/7 or defend itself when significantly outnumbered. If the neighbors couldn’t hear the attack you didn’t have help. With a greater population density the neighbors could help watch and defend each other.

  2. It is worse than that, these are just the counties that passed ordinances. There was an open letter that was circulated right after the law was passed, signed by I think 50 or so sheriffs, that stated that the law could not and would not be enforced in the areas under their jurisdiction. I think right now that law is dead letter in more places than it is “enforced”.

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