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UK law enforcement’s warning on terrorist gun attacks is a stark illustration of the fundamental flaw of gun control. Rather than scheming of new firearms restrictions that violent offenders will simply ignore, policy makers should be looking for ways to empower the law-abiding to better provide for their own defense.

November 5, 2016
Despite Severe Gun Controls, UK Warns Of Terrorist Gun Attacks
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—NRA ILA

  1. The quote assumes erroneously that our governments are interested in the good of the public. So long as we’re blind to the fact (or ignore it when we see it) that many in government consider the good people to be a threat, we’ll remain confused and won’t be able to respond appropriately.

    No, Young Grasshopper; good people are the major threat to bad people. Rival bad people can be a threat of course, but they can also be used against the greater threat of good people.

    The title of the piece embraces a willful ignorance. It should read;

    Due to severe gun controls; UK more vulnerable to attacks.


    UK disarms, invites attack.

    The problem with the NRA is; they know very well that if the second amendment were somehow to become fully respected and enforced, their revenue would drop by some 90% or so. The ILA would cease to exist (for what “legislative action” is needed beyond an effective second amendment?) and the NRA would once again be strictly a training and range development organization.

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