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The emblem of “Stronger Together”, dating back past Roman times, is the fasces. “Stronger Together” is so central to their ideology that the Italian Fascists adopted the fasces (fascio in Italian) as the basis for their name and as a symbol of their movement. Note that being ancient and all that, the fasces has been used by many others for different purposes.

But that doesn’t mean I could resist composing this:


Sean Flynn
September 19, 2016
Via email
[It fits so well.—Joe]

Those who need to know already know what the following means. If it’s not crystal clear to you then don’t worry about it. It’s not for you.



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  1. Nice picture. I think the classic design had the ax coming out the top (see Wikipedia), but this will do.
    I’ve wondered for a while now why Lincoln’s throne (in the Memorial) has fasces on it.

  2. I like it. Implied fascism, implying she’s heading for the executioners axe. It fits.

    I wonder how many in the Clinton campaign noted that her logo (the “H” and an arrow) looks an awful lot like “Hospital” signage.

  3. The bundle of sticks in the fasces is interesting – uniform in length, size, and shape. Bundled tightly together. Bound up as one structure. An explicit statement that we are stronger together, and an implied statement that it only works if we are similar, verging on identical.

    Yet they constantly demand that we celebrate diversity in all sorts of ways, and that it’s always someone ELSE (usually white males) that must conform to their demands, and that it must be someone else (usually the person calling for diversity) to be at the top as the arbitrator of right/wrong, goodthink/bad/think, etc.

    Equality/uniformity and diversity are exclusive; opposites, even.

    The cognitive dissonance must be positively massive.

    • So massive, in fact, that no thought is possible, only recital of talking points, repeated louder if someone disagrees.

  4. I’ve felt for a while now that Hilary’s arrow is pointing in the wrong direction. Some opponents have it pointing down. But I figure simple truth in advertising says it should point to the left.

    • The epithet of being a right-wing fascist only applies if you are to the right of Stalin. As a blogger whose name eludes me said once, much better than I can paraphrase, about Hitler’s confession of intentions, “Mein Kampf”, “Tea Party right wing? I must have missed the part in ‘Mein Kampf’ where Hitler argued for Social Security reform, smaller government and lower taxes.”
      It is entirely appropriate to refer to someone as a Fascist who believes that the free ownership of property can be combined with countless regulations about how one can acquire property, what one may do or not do with it when one has it, how and to whom one may or may not sell, gift, bequeath, or otherwise dispose of the property, what recourse one has if the property is declared illegal to possess, and what sorts of taxed are appropriate to be paid upon acquisition, possession or disposal.

      Fascism was seen as a “Third Way” in the 1920’s, neither free market nor full on government ownership of everything communism, but something in the middle. You still own it, but we regulate it so that you might as well not own it, for all the benefit you derive from it. I hate to sound all John Birch, but we’ve been slip-sliding to this point for eighty years or more.
      I shut up a neighbor once by saying the government was fascist. She was so stupid she didn’t ask what I meant, it just comforted her that someone else appeared to admit that Bushitler.

      • A number of libertarians have pointed out there is no significant difference between fascism and communism, since both aim for the obliteration of all freedom and the omnipotent state. This of course explains why Hitler and Stalin got along so nicely until Hitler made a foolish mistake.
        Another way of looking at it is the observation that both are forms of socialism, and in fact Hitler made that very clear in the official name of his party.

        • I would have to point out that it wasn’t just that Hitler made a foolish mistake: the reason why both got along so well, was because they had a common goal: complete government control over everything.

          And the reason Hitler betrayed Stalin (and would have been betrayed by Stalin, had Hitler not acted first) was because they had one minor quibble that could only be overcome by such betrayal: Stalin thought that *he* should be the head of the Government Over Everything, while Hitler thought that *he* should be the head of the same….

      • You mention John Birch like he’s a bad thing. History to this point has shown he was right all along! So was Joe McCarthy. Commies in hollyweird and the lefty news media’s propaganda sullied them to the point their names are dirty words. If people had listened to them we might not be in the dire straights we are now!

        • “Birch is known today mainly by the society that bears his name although Jimmy Doolittle, who met Birch after Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo, said in his autobiography that he was sure that Birch ‘would not have approved.'”

          Perhaps you’re thinking of Robert Welch, Rodger?

          Also, please look up “homonym.:

          • Typical lefty, you attack the messenger, not the message.
            1. The John Birch Society has been right all along. General Doolittle’s opinion is hearsay.
            2. McCarthy was right about the communist infestation of hollyweird.
            3. I know what a homonym is. If you don’t like my diction, too bad.

  5. Don’t fuck with me, Rodger; you don’t know me, you don’t know my politics, you don’t care about the difference between “straight” and “strait,” and you don’t seem to get that McCarthy was mostly full of crap; much of the actual hard data he took credit for came from others and tended to be overblown, while his own claims were largely imagined. By making a big stink with little fuel, he actually provided cover for real spies. He did far more harm than good.

    I’m plenty tired of being expected to smile and nod at half-baked authoritarians who don’t know any history that hasn’t been sieved through click-bait headlines on Breitbart or HuffPo.

    And if you want to stand up for the notions of Robert Welch, do so without hiding behind a Christian missionary who was dead before they named anything after him. Horst Wessel much?

    • Oh my, project much? I don’t need to know you to guess your “politics” after that screed. All that condescension over a misspelled word? Tsk, tsk…
      Robert Welch was right. The idea of “one world government” has been a disaster for the people of the United States. We should bulldoze the UN buildings into the Atlantic Ocean. The “one worlders” are statist authoritarians.
      McCarthy was right. He was just up against people with money and positions of power who were able to marginalize him. The media of the time were as complicit as those of today, now attempting to force Hitlery Klintoon on us.
      I seldom read Breitbart… Never Huffpo.
      Die fahne hoch! Sieg heil!
      The last refuge of a lefty… Call him a NAZI, or a raaayyyccisss!

      • Please back off on the name calling. Roberta is a LONG way from a lefty, is very well read, knows her stuff, and I appreciate her presence here.

        If you want to disagree with her, fine, but be factual and with low emotional content.

        • Interesting. I didn’t open with insults and follow up with profanity, and she’s not the only one who knows her stuff. However, it IS your blog, and since you value her presence, I respectfully defer and sincerely apologize for the disruption. It won’t happen again.

          • Rodger, the way I read the sequence of posts, it looks like you are in fact the one who cast the first insult, when you called Roberta a “typical lefty” and claimed that she was attacking the messenger when as far as I can see she did no such thing. Not unless you view a small aside about spelling an “attack”.

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