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The anti’s are even out to ban simple graphic images of guns, in addition to real guns, including muzzleloaders. If it even looks like a gun, they want to ban it. They are, in fact, that extreme.

August 3, 2016
Comment to Leave the SJWing to the professionals
[This is what they think of the right to keep and bear arms. You shouldn’t be allowed to even see a picture of a gun.—Joe]


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  1. The left, which is a religious faith, should go ahead and write their own communist Ten Commandments. It would have to include a long section on graven images depicting anything that might inspire thoughts of self sufficiency, individual strength or independence, for those are the seeds of rebellion against their jealous god, known as “We”, which represents The Power of The State.

  2. Which reveals their underlying mental illness, really. If gun-banning was about crime prevention, they would at least be able to relate sensibly about guns. But it’s not – it’s about a psychological aversion to inanimate objects, which are so scary that they must not even be mentioned in conversation or depicted in graphic images (unless, of course, it’s insanely profitable to do so, e.g., Hollywood.)

    • You’re being rather charitable. It may indeed be such a psychological defect in some people. In others, though, it is a desire to disarm people to render them defenseless. In particular, I’d argue that politicians are generally in the latter category. Certainly that is true for the more obnoxious examples, like Hillary or DeBlasio or Bloomberg.

      • It’s certainly both. You’re describing the difference between the perpetrators and the duped.

        The perpetrators, who want absolute power, pretend to freak out over guns and some people are genuinely duped by it. Do it long enough, have the public educators and media going along, and more people will be duped by it. Lather, rinse and repeat for 100 years and Bob’s your uncle— you’ve brought down Western Civilization. Lots of people will fail to be properly duped, and you put them down as “extremists”. Eventually they’ll die off and the Progressives will have their kids. Drip, drip, drip, drip… You all know the drill.

        Depict Jews, for example, as rats, thieves and child molesters long enough, and eventually the society will tolerate genocide against them. The few vocal detractors that remain can be dealt with. The Soviets referred to it as psychological warfare, while to the Progressives it’s a part of social engineering.

        See the interviews with Yuri Bezminov (a former KGB psy-ops agent who defected to the West) for more detail, but you get the picture. It’s all very simple, and all out in the open, and it works practically every time it’s tried, even when we’re told (as we have been for generations) exactly what they’re doing.

        We’ll all be too busy arguing statistics, bitching, and voting for Republicans who are themselves Progressives, and so we never counter-attack in direct fashion. We’re pre-occupied with trying to educate the liars who already know they’re lying, and trying to educate the duped who are too emotional and mesmerized to know any better, and besides they already know us as “extremists”.

  3. They don’t want you even seeing the image of a gun…

    … unless it’s in the hands of a known-anti-gun actor/actress, coming at you larger-than-life on a big screen, at 30 fps (frames per second).

    That’s 30 images, per second.

    Alinsky’s rule #4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If they succeed in banning images of firearms, every Hollywood producer, director, actor, and studio (collectively) should be criminally charged, separately, with cumulative penalties, for each and every one of those 30 images per second they produce and release.

    Can you imagine Harvey Weinstein (who promised to make the NRA wish they were never born with an anti-gun documentary he has yet to produce) facing 54,000 separate counts of violating such a statute for producing a movie with a 10-minute scene containing three firearms? (10 min == 600 seconds; 600 seconds x 3 guns x 30 fps == 54,000 “gun images”)

  4. friends:

    think a little bit.–

    do you really think the lefties don’t like guns? is this plausible, given that the minions of the lefties are hanging on to their guns after the great gun grab, e.g., cops, soldiers, body guards and security forces? no, the left wants to take our guns, but, it certainly betrays no intention on their part to give up theirs. nancy pelosi, barbara boxer … they aren’t handing over their gats.

    think some more. what does this mean? it means that the lefties don’t want you to have guns. do they want to stop you from using your guns on me? heavens no, they don’t give a shit if you shoot me, or if i shoot you. twice, or three times, or make you look like a sieve leaking blood w/ 30 rounds from a giant clip. you are just canon fodder, and if they want more of you, they just feed you more purina people chow, and they have more people. easy, smeasy. we, all of us, propagate like muslims in heat.

    o.k., another dot to connect. something else to think about.–

    the shit is about to hit the fan with the world wide economies. debt. more debt. mountains of debt. debt that defies the piles of money graphs to illustrate how much debt we have. the greeks, the french, the spanish, the brits, the italians, and the japanese. the major economies of the world are bankrupt.

    the united states is broke.

    and, when we all go into the shit can, who are we gonna blame? (well, we all share a good deal of blame in this, don’t we? but, we are not going to blame ourselves, now, are we?)

    we are gonna blame the politicians, the financial guys, the guys who run the national banks and the money exchanges, the stoke markets, the printing presses. the federal reserve. we are gonna blame all those people, and when people start going hungry, when they are pitched out into the street because no money exists to pay mortgages, and no money exists to pay those who do work, …. , well, people are gonna be pissed.

    now, if we have guns, we are dangerous to those to whom we assign blame for the pickle we are in.

    now, if we don’t have guns, we aren’t so dangerous to those to whom we assign blame for the pickle we are in, are we?

    the final “think.”

    you fucking figure it out. it’s all laid out for you.

    and, oh, yeah. this is something you really ought to think about.

    have you ever wondered why the left is just about hysterical about gun control, when 10 seconds worth of rational thought will leave almost anyone with a brain concluding that it is not gonna work so well?

    do you suppose that the lefties think all of this is coming soon, to a neighborhood near you? and, uncomfortably close to a neighborhood near them? why do you think the rich people all over the world (including hil & bill) have their money in panama? a nice little banana republic, if there ever was one.

    think about it.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

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