Quote of the day—Rolf Nelson

I don’t know what the solution is, but historically speaking: resets that occur when that which cannot continue, doesn’t are messy. Very messy. Voting for either of the bifactional pro-State ruling parties is not going to help, because neither of them are dedicated to the ideals or ideas set out in our founding documents, or espoused by our founding fathers. They do not even seem to understand them.

Interesting times are afoot, and those that are easily offended are going to see what “going all the way to 11” really means before too many more years have passed.

Rolf Nelson
July 4, 2016
Happy 4th
[I could see this being a prophecy which comes true.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rolf Nelson

  1. Yep. Very messy.

    The reprehensible events in Dallas are the first cracks in the dike. Look for more of the same from different actors with their own axes to grind.

    Jeff B.

  2. Nicely stated. When I read it, at first, I read it as bifictional and had to pause a sec to figure it out. Bifactional, bifictional, the fake slap fight between those that claim rule by law of over us is noise. The rule of law is dead. Off to church I go, there is a higher law.

    • During the time of the American Revolution, the churches played an important role. I’ve heard them referred to as the Black Robe Brigade.

      Where are they now? Worried about losing their 501C3 status, I reckon. That or they’re already deeply influenced by the Progressive movement. And so we find ourselves in a situation where the government decides what is and what is not a religion, and uses the power of the IRS to enforce the decision.

      Oops. Looks like we lost the first amendment a long time ago and failed to notice. Now what’s going to happen to your church if the pastor starts to get all political, calling for the full enforcement of the Bill of Rights including the indictment of those who violate it? Similar to what happened to Jesus when he challenged the powers that be, I bet, though now they tend to crucify you by way of scandal and slander. Now the Catholic Church, for example, has a socialist pope. So much for them. Who will speak out now?

      A 501C3 organization is already a part of the authoritarian system, against which Jesus spoke thusly;

      “The kings of the Gentile exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But ye shall not be so; but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve.”

      So it is that the majority of black Americans for example have sided with the Party of the KKK and the Eugenicists, who in turn are their benefactors and lords, and they’ve rejected the message of Martin Luther King Jr. In receiving the grant of 510C3 status you’re walking down the same path.

      • Be interesting to see what would happen if tax-free status was applied to mosques, given that it is an explicitly political system as well as a religion.

          • Well, either way, if the criteria were as assiduously applied to the mosques as they are to Christian organizations, who can cry foul?

      • yep. I’m not a member of any church for this reason. Apostate country clubs one and all.
        They would be fined out of existence if they tried to teach their congregations the natural law principles of rightful government and self defense.
        I only know of one fellowship that is not IRS incorporated, it’s in Montana. libertyfellowshipmt dot com.
        Do you guys know of any others?

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