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Sadly, as in the case of this robot, and the broader struggle for freedom, there will always be those who will feel an uncontrollable urge to destroy anyone and anything which seeks to plot its own course.

It would be funny if one day, in the battle for freedom, it was libertarians and artificial intelligences working together to destroy a government of leftist rabbits.

Anonymous Conservative
June 25, 2016
What Is Libertarianism? Perhaps A Rebellion Against Obstacles
[While it certainly seems to be true that there will always be those who cannot tolerate freedom I don’t see the humor in the circumstances he describes. And while some governments require destruction before they can be replaced with something which respected human rights I’m not entirely comfortable with “destroying a government” just because it’s leftist. Reforming it and limiting it such that it is compatible with freedom, sure, but probably doesn’t require destruction. Nation states without a functional government are not particularly hospitable to peaceable, productive, human activities.—Joe]


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  1. Well, looking at the list of leftist governments in history, how many were replaced with a liberty friendly system without first being destroyed in the process?

    Bear in mind, that “destroyed” generally means that as many of the participants of the bad system were killed as could be arranged, so they could not attempt to participate in, or influence, the new order.

    Has anyone actually made a study of this subject?

    • Depending on how loosely you define “liberty friendly system” the answer could be that it has never happened by any process. I’m tempted to give that answer.
      If you’re willing to cut governments lots and lots of slack, a number of the countries of Eastern Europe would qualify. Not Rumania, whose approach has much to recommend it. But most of the other countries, other than Yugoslavia (civil war and fragmentation), Belarus (no freedom, just a change of names) or Russia itself of course for the same reason.
      There may be some examples in other places. Birma, perhaps. Indonesia. Peru.
      Unfortunately, the USA does not yet qualify.

  2. Nations predate the states that subsume them, and survive the destruction of those states.

    America was America before the USA, and will remain so once that relic has been dusted away.

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