7 thoughts on “It’s time to change that

  1. Looks like the kid being choked out in the poster is too young to possess a handgun or apply for a concealed carry license. Gay or not, firearms are probably not an option for him.

    • It sounds like you’ve identified another unjust law that needs to be repealed. The Constitution’s prohibitions against infringing on rights doesn’t just apply to the rights of adults, no matter how much school administrators and other dishonest politicians may claim otherwise.

  2. Remember a few years ago, when various elements tried to depict you and Linoge as anti-LGBTQ?

    Part of me wonders what they think of these images on your blog. 🙂

      • It did get kind of empty after Erin Palette ‘came out’ and the reaction among the gun community was ‘eh, ok… let’s talk about more gun stuff!’.


    • It’s only natural for a communist country, unfortunately. Communists are, by definition and by a century of evidence, evil people who have no respect for the rights of anyone.

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