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She also suggests:

+ snail mail address for those of us who live faraway. I’m sure the mailman will appreciate the scent of sweet soap in an envelope.

Senator Isadore Hall
Capitol Office
State Capitol, Room 4085
Sacramento, CA 95814


7 thoughts on “#NopeSoap

  1. A state senator in California? He has absolutely nothing to do with national laws. There are 40 state senators in California, 26 of them are Democrats and they are under term limits. This particular state senator represents the area around Compton/Watts. He is going to vote with the pro-gun control Democrats 100% of the time and sending him soap isn’t going to change that (particularly soap being sent from areas that he doesn’t represent).

    • The idea is not to convince or shame him into changing what he is pleased to call his mind; the idea is to mock him until (hopefully) he strokes out.

      • It’s a total waste of money. Even if he “stroked out,” he’d be replaced by a clone.

        If the pro-gun movement wants to be successful, they can’t keep chasing parked cars.

  2. “viscous”? Is that a “[sic]” quote that shows Hall’s an ungrammatical idiot, or Stephanie making an embarrassing mistake?

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