6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Frenchpug14‏ @frenchpug14

  1. [insert (har-har) “son-of-a-gun” joke here]

    I believe on FB he’d be guilt of making hate speech by joking about the differently-abled.

    • Probably not.

      I think the gun control movement is dying a horrible death, but jealous and hateful people will live on.

      I’m sure McThag with his Corvette gets just as much shit for driving a Vette as he does owning a gun.

      I wouldn’t mind a sports car either….and it’s the same part of me who wants a full-custom presentation-grade 1911, and neither is about my penis (duh).

      Still people who don’t understand/don’t like fast cars or guns, maybe high-end stereos, will be SO insecure they need to chide.

    • Currently they are scheduled through the end of August. I have probably five or ten waiting in email and Twitter messages for me to post someday. And note that the current one was from October. So I think the answer is, “Not until after the blog goes down or several months after I stop blogging. Whichever comes first.”

  2. And I don’t care about Frenchpug14’s pathological need to indulge in virtue-signaling through attacking human rights.

    More precisely, I care about it only to the extent that Frenchpug14 and others of that ilk think that the state’s minions should be sent to disarm me by force.

  3. Depending on my specific mood, I entertain myself with these idiots by asking them for proof that I am male, or asking how many firearm owners they have gone down on in order to draw their conclusion. If I am particularly bored, I start asking about standard deviations and the like.

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