Quote of the day—Police Detective Sergeant

I had a female in here. She’s every bit of 5-foot and 80 pounds. I’m not going to say anyone can’t take a gun from me or, or you know. But, I’m just saying and I told her I’m going to be completely honest with you. In my opinion, I said, if I saw you and I saw you with a gun, especially here in Essex County, and the people we have here in this county. Um, I said yeah I’d be concerned with you having a firearm. Again it wasn’t anything against her. It’s not her fault she’s female and only, but I said we’ve got to look at the public safety.

Police Detective Sergeant
Orange New Jersey
December 2, 2015
Second Amendment Society Claims Police Departments Delaying and Denying Handgun Permits
[As I have said many times before (see also here and here). The only reason I’ll willingly go into New Jersey in its present corrupt state is if I can get a hunting license with an unlimited bag limit for people like this Sergeant.—Joe]


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  1. Translation: “I’m terrified of losing my monopoly on using force, because that means I can’t ride to the rescue of sweet little things like her. I’d rather she get raped than be able to take care of herself… unless I can rescue her.”

  2. Yeah, you have to be big and strong to use a gun.
    How much lead paint did this guy eat?

  3. That cop isn’t going to ride to her rescue, and he’s denying her the one thing that really makes her equal. I don’t think he really cares. Somebody higher up told him to deny permits and he’s “just following orders”.

  4. This is still my favorite answer to people like that criminal:

    “Victim disarmament types are sick, sick people, who’d rather see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose than see her with a gun in her hand.” — T. D. Melrose, quoted by Neil Smith

    At least the bigotry in that cop’s position is out in the open, which helps to show what’s going on. There are lots of others like him. Basically, any politician who continues to support “may issue”. And a particularly blatant example are the police chiefs in some may-issue places (like Hawaii) who actually boast about the fact that they have never issued a permit and intend to continue to reject every application.

  5. Who would presume that we need special government permission to exercise a basic right?

    I don’t remember applying for a permit to breathe (although no doubt there are those who would like the power to deny me if I did).

  6. Hey, at least he didn’t pretend that “I support the Second Amendment, but…”

    • Talk to him long enough, and if he think’s in certain company, he’ll say it. What’s-his-name, Lurch, John Kerry, went in to that mom and pop gun store to “Git me a huntin’ license, here”.

      Pretty much any Progressive or radical communist revolutionary is capable of dressing up in an Elmer Fudd costume, holding a shotgun for the cameras, and doing their best at sounding like a dumb redneck if they believe the situation merrits it. “Trust me; I’m just one-o-you dumbshit bitter clingers who like to kill things, derp derp derp…”

      George H W Bush did it too.

  7. Sexist pig bastard. The entire point of a gun is that it compensates for the disadvantages of being 5-foot and 80 pounds in combat.

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  9. Assailant, intent on seizing the gun, has to move close enough, grab the gun, and pull with some force to get it from her hand.

    Petite woman has to move her index finger less than 1/2″.

    Assuming some situational awareness, and a willingness to defend herself, I know which way I would bet.

    • Even though she might lose, she has the right to attempt to defend herself.

      So this has nothing to do with odds or possibilities or outcomes. It’s about a very simple principle; basic human rights. Do we uphold and protect them or deny them?

      If it’s outcomes we fear, I’ll bet on the outcomes of upholding and protecting rights any day.

      If some shitweasel thinks he’s smarter and has a better bet, he can go straight to hell. These shitweasels typically call themselves “Progressives” or “liberals”. I call them coercives.

      • I totally agree that she has the right to defend herself.

        I was commenting more on the disingenuous nature of the “the bad guy will simply take the gun off her” argument.

        As you say, it doesn’t matter – to deny a right because of a *possible* bad outcome is the mark of the coercives.

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