Quote of the day—Tyler Durden

If Obama wants to truly curb gun ownership at the national level, the solution there is also simple, as the following chart from the NYT reveals:


He should resign.

Tyler Durden
January 1, 2016
Obama To Unveil “Multiple Gun Control” Executive Actions Next Week
[I’m not sure it would reduce it but it stands a chance of slowing the growth.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tyler Durden

  1. At this point I think the Islamists are probably driving sales as much as our out-law government. It’s a combination of the two for sure. Then there’s the just-plain-fun factor added on. Then there’s the “community organized”; the Occupy Whatever and the Black (welfare case) Lives Matter contingents, and our porous borders. Then there’s the incipient global financial crash, and the rise of the military machines of our enemies in Russia, China and Iran.

    It’s a Perfect Storm in the making. Obama has been pushing for, or inviting, all of it, but he’s far from being solely responsible. He’s more the icing on the cake. A different president won’t turn all this around. Probably our best hope at this stage is that the next president would only slow the destruction down a little, here and there. Certainly that’s been the case with Republicans at least since Calvin Coolidge.

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