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So President Obama is welcome to sign all of the illegal executive orders he wants, where the rubber meets the road is who comes for our guns. And “assault weapons” are the least of their problems, because as a former professional military guy with 20+ years of service I have to tell you that as a commander sitting in the TC hatch of a tank or a Stryker or a Bradley the thing I would worry about most is a local deer/elk hunter with a dialed-in, high-powered, scoped, bolt-action rifle and the skill to hit me with one round in the head at 300 meters. “Molon Labe!”

Don Kaag
December 23, 2015
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[Attend Boomershoot to learn and practice for 700 yards.—Joe]


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  1. I believe that these kind of quotes are counter-productive. They play into the hands of the folks that are looking for anti-government rhetoric from gun owners. Of course, it is in response to a scenario where the government has become the enemy, but context does not matter to the liberal press. The irony is that a good number of military and police are NRA members. I believe the NRA could do a better job of pointing this out.

    • I don’t think there is anything to be gained by trying to calm down the liberal press about us. They will always find or make up something to libel us with. My plan is to stay with legal activities, even if on the edge, and mock them.

      • Joe, you are probably right. Common sense and logic don’t matter to them. It will be all rainbows and ponies when private ownership of guns is outlawed. At least in the last few months they have finally admitted they want to ban guns – after how many years of telling everyone that “nobody wants to take away your guns,” and Obama (and others) saying they were “strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment.” I guess the words “strong supporter” doesn’t mean what an ordinary person thinks. Keep up the good work.

        • Common sense? You people are delusional if you think there is ever going to be some “door to door gun confiscation” in this country. It ain’t never going to happen. It’s really nothing but crazy gunnie talk.

          • Perhaps not. But I don’t know anyone that looks forward to having a sword of Damocles hanging over them, where they could have everything taken from them for some minor violation that can be escalated, where they really want to be law-abiding, but know they cannot be. That sort of thing is corrosive, and eats away at civil life. Do you really favor that, do you think that will be a net gain for society?

            But then, the gun controllers are never honest about what their goals are, so there is no use talking with them, because they do not understand the nature of truth, facts, honest, cause-effects, external costs or benefits, nor do they distinguish in any useful way the difference between intent and actual results.

            All that said, have a Merry Christmas.

          • Is it delusional to believe that people who threaten the same thing for decades might actually mean what they say?

    • It is our job to give fair warning. Our tolerance up to this point has been excessive, and we must not let that history of tolerance falsely lead America’s enemies to cross the line into their own, certain destruction. It’s only right, for their sake, that we should let it be known; there are lines even we will not allow them to cross.

      “No more free Wacos” I think is a good quote. We won’t start a fight, but we are capable of stopping one. Stop attacking us and no one gets hurt. Push the American people beyond a certain point, and get your balls ripped off.

      The forces of darkness believe they have it made right now, that they can take whatever they want. It may be that nothing and no one can get it through to them they they’re wrong, but we must at least make the attempt to give fair warning.

  2. Of course, we all hope and pray that the described hypothetical of the military turning on its own people requiring our response never comes to pass.

    That’s where the scenario falls apart. Most soldiers will recognize illegal orders and not obey them. So, the dream of liberals / progressives / simpleton Democrats will not come to pass. They will not force us to disarm. Rather, their clumsy attempts to do so, might spark off the Second ACW.

    Oh, and Nuremberg-type trials await all those who conspired to make it happen.

      • I do, too. I really do. But it can be interesting when facing a person who favors gun control and you ask them: “So, what’s your plan when twenty or thirty million Americans say NO to the plan to turn them in? What will you do in the face of such massive civil disobedience?” Any answer they give condemns them and their actions.

      • Well, I can assure you of a few things.

        1. Over 1100 current and former Special Forces Soldiers, that includes a Lieutenant General, right on down to a ‘Buck’ Sergeant, signed off on an open letter that pretty much says to the government “You Really Don’t Want To Go There”.

        2. Every operational soldier at my last unit (I’m retired federal civil service) – and these guys are the real deal high-speed, low drag guys – were pro-gun, pro-civil rights to the point that UBU would need a box of Alka-Seltzer and a bottle of Imodium.

        Only if the current administration is deaf, dumb, and blind (actually a definite possibility) have they not seen this and, hopefully, plugged it into their decision making matrix.

  3. The army isn’t who you/we need to fear, nor most of the local police. The statists have already figured out they can’t be trusted to fire on us. Why do you think the DHS exists? Remember “An internal force, as big and as well armed as the military”? Who said that? They, along with most of the other alphabet soup feral agencies are trained and indoctrinated SPECIFICALLY to shoot civilians. Remember those “desensitization” targets that caused such a stir? You know, mom protecting her kids at the park, grandpa standing his ground in the laundry room, pregnant mom defending against a home invasion, et. al.? Does anyone think they quit using them? They were ALL white people doing everyday things, not committing crimes. The agents of the feral gubmint will shoot you without blinking. I suspect their hiring exams seek out applicants with psychopathic personalities.

    After the “terror” attacks in Boston and San Berdoo, martial law was declared. FBI and other feral agencies searched houses door to door… Any old excuse to forcefully search your house. That’s how they’ll come for the guns.

  4. I suspect that anyone giving such orders would have to watch their own back for the next decade or two. It’s one thing to stand off militarized police, but it’s far easier and probably more useful to take out those who are in command. Not sure if the esteemed legislators or appointed bureaucrats would like the fallout, especially since the targeting in retaliation may get kinda sloppy. The Spanish Civil war is a good illustration of how that kind of affairs go, with nobody being happy with the results in the end.

  5. Dear Washington-Dear media-Don’t say no one ever told you.

    There’s this thing called fourth generation warfare. Look it up on
    someone else’s computer.

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