Quote of the day—David Hale

Fuck you Connecticut Carry … go buy some Viagra if you need to open carry in order to get a hard on. Malloy has what you lack in abundance … balls! And yeah, America has much more to fear from you piss ant little boys who need your toys than we ever had to fear from the refugees. Go off in a closet and jerk your tiny dicks … we ARE coming for your fucking automatic weapons you fucking dick heads! NO MORE SANDY HOOKS just so you can get hard!

David Hale
December 13, 2015
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via email from Rich B. of Connecticut Carry, Inc.

When all they have is ignorance and hate this is what you get. It’s the best they have.—Joe]


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    • Along the same lines…

      Let’s go then. Come on. Let’s see what YOU have. I’m waiting…

  1. When you read these rants, you can just visualize (unfortunately) the bug-eyed, crazed, spittle-frothing people writing them. They really are scary folks – the type driven to road rage if a little granny ducks into a parking space ahead of them, or someone cuts off their Prius in traffic.

    The sad thing is – they always invoke Newtown or Aurora, or some other sad instance of a criminal gone berserk, but you can’t help but think that they actually care less about the victims than “we” do – it’s all just a mindless rage about a culture and associated machinery they don’t understand. Kinda pathetic really, but unfortunately these sad, sick folks actually vote.

  2. Mass murderers use guns, you use guns, and so you are a mass murderer.

    It’s classic, politically motivated bigotry. “My political opponents are responsible for all the horrible things in the world. They are the embodiment of evil. Once they are swept aside the world will be a clean, peaceful, prosperous and happy place for the next thousand years.”

    All collectivist/authoritarian systems operate on this model. It’s a requirement, and it usually works.

    If enough people believe that the waste from your conspicuous consumption creates bad weather, killing poor children in poor countries after you stole their resources, and if they believe that your gun ownership and patriotism create jihadists and school shootings, they’ll be more than ready to see you swept aside by any means necessary. The left in this country has been ginning itself up in this manner for generations.

    We may be “winning” in some small technical matters of gun law, and in public opinion, but the process described above continues apace. David Hale may represent a small, stupid minority, consisting of a few million Americans, but a few million enraged, hate-filled, stupid socialists have been known to do tremendous amounts of damage.

    • He thinks those insults are the key to victory.
      Soon, another directive will be handed down, and he’ll repeat that talking point.

      He’s dumb, really dumb.

      • “He thinks those insults are the key to victory.”

        I don’t think that David Hale believes his crude insults are the key to achieving his espoused policy goals. However, I do think that he believes them to be a critical part of his virtue signaling. His profanity and juvenile insults to those dedicated to human rights allow him to pose, for his fellow collectivists, both that he is a goodthinker, and that he is willing to stand up to those “violent” gun-clingers.

        In what passes for a collectivist’s mind, David Hale has achieved an emotional victory. He now feels that he’s superior to the human rights activist to whom he sent this profanity-laced taunt, especially when Rich B. doesn’t respond in kind. For a collectivist of this type, the feelz are paramount.

  3. It is ok. In 20 years, this guy will own a safe full of guns, and one of his kids will be posting nonsense like this to whatever the future version of the internet looks like.

    Rinse and repeat, forever.

  4. Mass murderers will use whatever weapon is at hand. A woman here in ‘Vegas decided to drive up a crowded sidewalk last night. One dead so far, seven critical. No word yet on whether she was screaming Allah hu Akbar as the tourist’s bodies bounced off her windshield… We need to ban cars!!! /sarc

    What we really need to do is put dangerous mental patients in supervised INPATIENT care. Notice I didn’t say ALL, just those who’ve demonstrated they can’t or won’t control themselves.

    The Chinese wished us “interesting times”. They got their wish.

  5. David Hale expressed a lot of hate and a promise to come seize our private property, specifically our firearms, without any due process. Thank you for providing more than enough justification for me to be armed to defend myself from the likes of you.

    Just like the ignorant unAmerican POTUS, every insulting proclamation to disarm us and to harm us if necessary to do so, just sells more firearms and strengthens our resolve, which is the exact opposite of your stated desires. Isn’t that the definition or insanity or a failure in policy at least? Repeating failed gun confiscation language and tactics with counter productive results from your viewpoint says your approach is flawed.

    Two corrections:
    1. We care MORE about mass murders than your side does because we advocate policies, like concealed carry, which could have a beneficial impact on reducing or mitigating them. You rant about background checks and confiscation which are worse than useless; they will produce more violence.
    2. We do not generally have automatic weapons. We have semi-automatic firearms. The fact that you do not know this distinction shows you are a moron. It is not that hard to learn these basics before shooting off your ignorant mouth.

  6. Just imagine how the American Revolution might have turned out, had Jefferson, in writing the Declaration of Independence, been able to bring forth the rhetorical virtuosity with which David Hale’s comments are redolent.

    Consider the political vistas that may have lain before us, had David Hale, with his uniquely persuasive writing style, been one of the writers of The Federalist Papers.

    Assuming that David Hale’s eloquence with the written word carries over into his spoken communications, I can only conclude that Abraham Lincoln would have been utterly dismayed at the mere prospect of debating David Hale.

    All that notwithstanding, in matters of both rhetorical style and forcible disarmament, Tony Montana would have squashed David Hale like a bug.

  7. Its amazing to me, that 99.99% of the political and mass killings through out American history…has been committed by democrats, socialists, communists, liberals, or progressives…and the next thing they do after their “side” commits these atrocities…is blame the other “side”.
    I can’t remember the “right” blaming the OK city bombing on the liberals and screaming to “de-bomb” the left…..I have long said, and will continue to say, liberalism and all connecting philosophies, are a mental defect in those that follow it…..Much like islam.

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