Markley’s Law, ignorance, hate, and violence

Somehow I don’t think this is the most effective way to convince people of their righteous. It just makes people laugh.

The following is brought you by David Hale on Facebook:

Listen brianless, I live nine miles from Newtown; those could have been my two sons with their brains blasted out because some nitwit mother thought it would be cool to teach her mental ill son how to shoot an automatic weapon. Had Adam Lanza NOT had access to his AR, would he still have shown with smaller caliber weapons? Possibly, but most likely SOME of those first graders would have survived. But you and your sick friends don;t give a shit about that; all you care about is how hard your dick gets when you drive your BMW to the range to shoot you “big boy” weapons. Amazing how none of you brave sons of bitches volunteers to fight in a real war. Take your perceived (and incorrect) right and stick it up your ass! We ARE coming for your fucking guns!

And this:

No, Dickhead I refuse to acknowledge your word for word talking points as you have been pathologically programmed to spout by that criminal Wayne LaPierre and his whores for the gun industry. You will never acknowledge that people would be alive today if weapons of mass destruction for use by the military to kill large amounts of people in as little time as possible were not allowed in the hands of amateurs. But agin, that’s because you and your little group of gun lovers (emphasis on the word lovers since you need them to get it up) have no sense of decency, are hugely narcissistic and probably would stand up for your rights to target shoot even if some maniac pumped a dozen rounds into your own child. Sick, sick, sick.

And this:

Giggle? Glad on this date you find this all so funny, you sick fuck. Sorry to disturb you … go back to jerking off on your weapons dickhead.

And then on to the violence:

And before I delete you from my page, let me reiterate … with the Governor and two US Senators leading the way, Connecticut IS coming for you guns dickhead. Hopefully we will pry them from your cold, dead hands.

We have facts and SCOTUS decisions on our side. They have Markley’s Law, ignorance, hate, and threats of violence. It’s the best they can come up with.


15 thoughts on “Markley’s Law, ignorance, hate, and violence

  1. “Hopefully we will pry them from your cold, dead hands.”

    Is that the war he’s signing up for?

    • No. Of course not. These people wouldn’t actually stoop to picking up a weapon and taking point on an entry team.

      They’d much rather instigate a situation in which they send cops (who they hate anyway) to engage in dangerous clashes with gun owners (who they also hate.)

      From the standpoint of the modern progressive, it’s a win-win situation.

  2. “I refuse to acknowledge your word for word talking points as you have been pathologically programmed to spout by…”

    Bloomberg? VPC? CSGV? Brady?

  3. “Had Adam Lanza NOT had access to his AR, would he still have shown with smaller caliber weapons?”. Perhaps I am on the Asberger’s spectrum, but my first thought on reading this was “What, less that 22 caliber? Like a .17HMR or a 5mm Remington?”

    I think the only reasonable response to the later blather about getting a hard on is “You have no idea what you are talking about, and you are not dealing in good faith, so fuck off”.

  4. I see a whole lot of venom sprayed in my direction, like my exercise of my Second Amendment rights has anything to do with mass murders.

    Do they not realize that there are about 100 million firearms owners in America and many more who agree with the right to keep and bear arms? Are we all somehow culpable per their twisted criteria? That is really a stretch. I have equal validity to tell them that since they drink alcohol and drive cars that they are responsible for the most hideous drunk driving accidents. Just silly.

    All the dick and masturbation jokes really makes them sound depraved and juvenile.

    The violence they wish upon us and the likely bloody results of confiscation attempts shows they are the blood thirsty ones. We simply want to be left alone, but their hoplophobia demands that they attack us. Again, they are pathetic.

  5. That is a textbook example of bigotry. Lump all gun owners in with a few criminals, ascribe evil and depravity to them as a whole, hate them, and call for violence against them. Ah yes; pure old-fashioned, garden-variety bigotry, just like my aunt used to make. It seems to work just about every time.

    I guess we all need to be careful because it can probably work with us too, eh?

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  7. And don’t forget how Transphobic he is, cause not all men have male parts……it’s true.

    • Not to mention sexist. Just two examples of the more general “bigoted” that Lyle so accurately applied.

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  9. David C Hale
    Phone number
    9 Spring Ridge Ct
    Danbury, CT 06811-3084

    Ms. Hale, you are a lying coward when you say I did not serve in the military. You dishonor me and I strongly suggest you apologize, cuntboy.

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