Quote of the day—Conor P. Williams @ConorPWilliams

Let me reiterate that I am ok with mass gun seizing. And a national handgun ban.

Conor P. Williams @ConorPWilliams
Tweeted on November 2, 2015
[Via a tweet from Robb Allen.

Mr. Williams, May you live in interesting times. Molon Labe.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Conor P. Williams @ConorPWilliams

  1. Let me reiterate that I am OK with mass gun grabber seizing. And a national anti-handgun group ban.

  2. The passive-aggressive strikes again. It’s abstract to them, not a real event. Magical thinking at it’s finest. He’s “fine with” someone else doing something about people he’s bigoted against. But make it more concrete, and how’s his opinion change. In other words…

    You takin’ point, bub?

  3. “You taking point, bubba?” sums it rather nicely.

    For the hard of thinking, “you really think folks will go along with this peacefully?” I project massive civil disobedience, a fair chance of a white mutiny among those tasked to enforce such a thing and for things to get downright exciting.

  4. I’m against gun violence. Until folks arrive on the scene that deserve being the recipients of it. This putz would fall into that category.

  5. who is conor p. williams, and why in hell should i give a shit what that asshole thinks about anything? i’ll leave the porch light on for the stupid bastard.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

  6. Was that an authorized expression of an approved opinion?
    Maybe Mr. Williams needs to be in protective custody (Schutzhaft, to put it as plainly I can).

  7. The mass destruction and mass killings of the 20th century are more properly laid at the feet of the Progressive movement than at the feet of the American gun culture.

    Mr. Williams’ quote is illustrative of that. The American says, “Leave me alone. I can take of myself and my neighbors” while the Progressive says, “Round them up!” Now it is time for the American to say, “No you don’t! We’re sticking to American Principles!”

    It’s time to be done with Progressivism, and all collectivist authoritarianism, once and for all. If you’re for liberty, it is easy to see and identify its enemies. You have no reason to appologize for your position, and there’s no cause to get personal.

    The trap for us lies in our being against something or someone rather than simply being for the principles. I see THAT all too often, and it is the path to suffering. The difference is stark. It is the difference between saying “I hate that guy!” and saying “I love these principles, and so I can see where that that guy is wrong, and here’s why I’m never backing down…”

    • Unfortunately “Leave me alone” as a political statement is almost expressly a statement of “NO, I’m against this specific proposal.”
      For half the country who think that nothing is accomplished without the heavy butt of government sitting on the back of business, that’s incomprehensible negativity. You are a luddite, against every good thing that ever existed. As an example, my brother, the leftist married to the frothing mouthed Stalinist, believes innovation comes from government. (even though he has an apple smart phone which to my knowledge was not invented by the government) .

  8. How did that work out in 1775 for the British Redcoats?

    How well do you think gun seizures will turn out in 2016?

    Molon Labe

  9. Let me reiterate that I am ok with mass gun seizing. And a national handgun ban.

    Why?? Do you hate police officers that much, that you want them unable to defend themselves? Do you think American soldiers must be forbidden sidearms? Should the Secret Service leave the President undefended?

    (Somehow they never seem to think of such things…)

    • It has been pointed out (particularly well by Neil Smith, for example in his novel “Hope”) that presidential assassinations began only when presidents started to be the head of unconstitutionally large government.
      In other words, a president who actually obeyed the constitution wouldn’t need secret service protection because he wouldn’t have any reason to be afraid. (And for that matter, such a president would presumably bear arms herself and be capable of self defense.)

  10. So, are you ok with the civil war that will ensue? As stated above, you takin’ point, Bubba?

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