Quote of the day—Peter Dean

…any law enforcement or x-miltary will tell you, that there exists as likely of a chance of someone innocent getting shot unintentionally……I think they should give all you idiots a gun so you an mistakenly shoot each other when these things happen…………

Peter Dean
September 14, 2015
Comment to Professor killed at Mississippi university, fellow instructor sought
[Before his comment was deleted his first sentence was corrected by law enforcement and x-military people. But what I really wanted to point out is that he wants gun owners dead.

Keep that mind for future reference. Your life may depend upon these type of people being prevented from obtaining political power.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Peter Dean

  1. He forgot to mention that the “wrong person shot” rate is much higher for police than it is for civilians. Those who mention this also suggest a reason for this, namely that police often come into situations where it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, while civilian use of proper force is far more likely to happen when the civilian was there from the start and can tell the bad guy more easily.

    • Also the same reason why Police are more likely to violate the law than the general population, and concealed carriers are less likely to break the law than the general population.

      It’s not that we’re angles or supermen, it’s that if we screw up we’re on the hook for it. Cop shoots a civilian in an incident, or is taking bribes under the table, or covering for his brother-in-law’s criminal actions ect, the “Thin Blue Line” will protect them from the justice system, and they’ll just get paid administrative leave and/or desk duty…..which any of us would call a vacation.

    • Most cops are civilians too. I don’t know where the false distinction between police and other citizens came from, but let’s not participate in it.

      There are military police and civilian police. That’s a proper distinction, isn’t it? Or are all cops officially part of the military now? Maybe some would like us to think so.

      • If you can’t use the military for law enforcement, just turn law enforcement into the military.

      • Ok, you caught me on imprecise terminology. The precise statement is that law enforcement professionals have a substantially higher rate of “shot the wrong person” than do non-professionals.

        And yes, that bit about crime rates is interesting, too. The rate is lower for cops than for the population as a whole, and substantially lower for concealed permit holders than for cops. (If I remember right, about the only social group with a crime rate as low as that of permit holders is the clergy.)

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