Quote of the day—THE NYCEO

Listen you nuts….go get that surgery to enlarge your private parts so you can put the assault rifle down. Enough is enough.

December 15, 2014
Comment to Bride, groom bring out the big guns during Washington state rally opposing universal background checks
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—THE NYCEO

  1. Hmmm, really happy with the size of my penis.

    Could be happier with the number of guns and ammo I own….

    I wonder how he feels about the size of his penis. Probably not into guns and ammo, that’s ok, I won’t judge.

    • Does he think the the woman wants bigger genitals as well? They seem to think, this “argument” is devastating.

      • More than likely he’s just repeating what every person he’s “been with” has said of him, but he doesn’t have any guns to blame it on.

  2. Dear NYCEO, I will put down my assault shotgun when you stop trying to take it and the government decides to follow the Constitution faithfully. Not before, and only then within in arms reach, in case your progressive tendencies re-emerge.

    Just how does the size of my equipment have any influence on my patriotism, love of liberty, and my God-given right of self-defense?

    Never Again!
    Molon Labe!
    I Will Not Comply!

    [I’m going to see if I can post this on his site].

  3. Aren’t Markley’s Law violations Prima Facie evidence of homophobia?
    The person who utters such devastating evidence should report for reeducation camps within 24 hours or face severe sanctions.

    • Most definitely – I’m feeling the effects of “microaggression” right now. I’m not comfortable with what he’s implying about me, so I really think his freedom of speech should be limited.

  4. Echos of 1930s Germany, when they had posters depicting Jews as rats, and said “If we could just get rid of the Jews… Enough is enough!” They went farther, by saying “We have the technology and the resources. All we need is the will.” And they went yet farther by depicting the beautiful, wonderful, glorious “Thousand Year Reich” of freedom and constant advancement in German art, culture and technology they could have, if only they could get rid of those damned Jews and other “undesirables”.

    Nothing ever changes, really. Evil wants to be “free”, doesn’t it, same as you? It’s tired of having to hide in the shadows of society, tired of being pushed around and maligned, and it’s jealous of our freedom and confidence. Why, it’s just not “fair”. It’s not equitable. People are standing in evil’s way and it wants to get “even”. If only it could get rid of those damned “Jews” (teabagger/terrorists, free marketers, et al, despoilers of Mother Earth and so on). If only it could get rid of America and everything she stands for. Then who would be standing in the way?

    • Problem being – there’s always somebody “eviler” than you. Sure, there are lots of evil cretins who want to assail people’s rights and liberties, or even rid the world of them entirely – as you aptly not. But even in that Utopian world they want to create, there’s a great deal of discord – and the folks screaming for the heads of unbelievers one moment are the donors of lampshade materials themselves in the next moment.

      • I’ve decided, after seeing, hearing and reading the infinitely varied, often contradictory and insane rationalizations of authoritarians, that it is best explained by the conclusion that evil is a purpose and goal unto itself.

        So when “…the folks screaming for the heads of unbelievers one moment [become] the donors of lampshade materials themselves in the next moment” it is simply evil getting its way twice.

        I see no irony in it. Once evil takes over, evil things happen. It’s entirely consistent. If you tolerate cannibals, take up with cannibals, and advocate and teach cannibalism on a large scale, it becomes more and more likely that you’ll be eaten by rival cannibals at some point, even by members of your own family.

        That reminds me of a joke;
        “A cannibal passed his neighbor in the jungle”

        • Many of the people who supported Stalin found out the truth of what you’re saying the hard way.

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