Quote of the day—John Feinblatt

Our electoral strategy this year is driven by our plans to keep passing better laws that will prevent gun violence state by state, whether we’re doing it through legislation or doing it through the ballot.

John Feinblatt
President of Everytown
November 11, 2014
Gun Control Groups Eye More State Ballot Initiatives After Victory In Washington State
[Feinblatt is apparently unconcerned that what he is doing and wants to do is in violation of the Second Amendment as well as having been proven to be of zero effect in preventing violent crime. If the background checks were of value in reducing violent crime we would have seen the statistics in their advertisements here in Washington State. Where’s the data from the other states which passed “universal background checks” Mr.Feinblatt? That’s right, there is nothing you want the general public to see.

The crowd he associates with is unconcerned with the facts. They know it’s the only way they can win. The article is just another example of this. It has numerous errors such as claiming I-591 “would have loosened gun laws”. This is completely false.

I hope the day will soon come when we can generate some concern in Feinblatt and his ilk with felony charges for their criminal acts.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Feinblatt

  1. What’s the legal equivalent of a “cargo cult?” It’s like the primitive tribesman waving painted palm fronds like landing paddles and assuming that is what makes the great Sky Bird come in and drop its cargo.
    They don’t understand cause and effect, they think if they pass a law that they want do do a certain thing, then passing must actually do that thing. They assume they must be causally connected along only the one path they can see. They have magical thinking that isn’t supported by observable reality or data, so….?
    In related news, if anyone calls you a Neanderthal, say “thanks.” Recent DNA research appears to associate recent (30k years ago) interbreeding with them with the genes for math and spacial thinking. There are none of the Neanderthal / math genes among the sub-Saharan populations. The social/aggressive genes of humans won out. compare the scientific output of the native sub-Saharan populations and their culture to western culture. Hmmmm… Nature among other places reporting it…

  2. From the article linked by Rolf:
    “The hybridization was successful in the Stone Age, but the environment has changed. I found that modern culture selects for socialization but against the Neanderthal traits for mathematics and intelligence,” she said, and looked down. “I don’t know how you’ll survive when our genes are gone.”

    I think I know the answer to her quandary: Most of them won’t (survive). Puts me in mind of the story about the goose and the gold eggs.

  3. You’re defending the anti rights movement with a false statement when you say their policies have zero effect. I’ll demonstrate;

    “More guns, less crime– An armed society is a polite society”
    “Gun restrictions have zero effect.”

    Both statements cannot be true at the same time. One cancels the other. Worse yet, neither addresses the concept of rights and so making either argument is to cede to the enemy his main lie, his chosen battleground, the false premise that we may consider wholesale rights violations as a tool in fighting crime and improving safely.

    There’s one sentence that puts the lie to the very existence of this argument;

    Wholesale rights violations will make us all safer.

    Do you like it? Any time you use assertions involving trends in crime and safety, you are entertaining that argument. It’s like being pulled into an argument over how well the slaves are being treated, and what the statistics show regarding slave living conditions, safety, mortality rates, etc. It is absolutely, totally beside THE point. To entertain such arguments is to lend credibility to them, elevating them to the same status as moral concepts.

    I do not wish to entertain that argument. I wish to shine the light on it and say “look at this for what it is” and then smack it down for what it is.

  4. These people simply want to “other” us. They want to stop the normalization of firearms use. They will use any and all tactic to achieve their goal. In that respect, I-594 and the Manchin-Toomey are genius pieces of legislation. The fact that they create a legal field of landmines for those interested in firearms is the entire point of those garbage laws.

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