14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Peace Lover

  1. To Peace Lover: I pray for you that you will never have to suffer the consequences of having your wish granted in all ways.

    Si pacem vis, para bellum.


  2. Wow. She thinks that there was no crime before guns came along.
    She thinks that bad people don’t exist without guns.
    She thinks all crimes involve guns.
    She thinks bans actually eliminate the item banned.

    She thinks all caps with make her more believable.

    I’m betting she thinks also Obama is honest, and the IRS just had a string of really bad luck in the IT department, but they are really all totally telling the truth.

    The left side of the bell curve goes a lot further out than most of care to think about.

  3. “BANNING GUNS WILL END CRIME. BAN ALL GUNS FROM EARTH.” Demonstrating clearly the case for improved mental health screening and treatment in this country, in reply to an article claiming we need better mental health screening and treatment in this country. How…. ironic.

  4. True true! If only we could go back to the days before guns, when nobody EVER committed anything remotely close to a crime. Bless those long departed souls from the pre-firearm history of humanity who never knew violence or murder!

  5. I’m getting concerned about the growing drumbeat for stripping a persons rights for having any record of mental health issues. While it could be useful to identify those who might pose a threat to society, the vast majority of those with such issues are never a danger to anyone. I see a powerful weapon of oppression potentially being placed in the hands of government. I’m not so sure such a weapon would be used with restraint.

    • There is lots of history that says it will not be used with restraint. You don’t even have to go to the USSR to find such cases. 100 years ago in the U.S. men got their wives committed to mental facilities rather than divorcing them.

    • To speak of it being used with restraint, you have to assume that its purpose was genuine.

      No, Young Grasshopper; the very purpose behind such ideas is repression, to create an authoritarian, cleptocratic society. To represses and brutalize a people “with restraint” seems an odd concept to me. If we add but one letter to the term, we come up up with “restraints” which would be more realistic;
      “Slap him in restraints! He’s and his foolish ideals of liberty are a danger to society!”

      Seriously, we must at least understand what it is we’re facing here, otherwise there’s little hope for us. I’ll tell you then; we’re staring down the very embodiment of evil. The Prince of Darkness, the macabre, destructive and deadly side of Man which runs on envy and hate, or what ever you’d like to call it. Call it Fred. Fred wants you dead. Get it! Know it! Currently it is in control in the governments of the world, and of much of society, and it has unwitting (and some witting) servants everywhere. It wants YOU and it will do what ever it takes to win you over, fool you, side-track or distract you, aggravate you, scare you, lull you into complacency…what ever it takes to pull you in, and if it sees that it is failing in that endeavor, it will do everything it can to destroy you. Understand that, Grasshopper, and you have a chance. Then understand that it is nothing. It has no power and no influence that you don’t give it.

    • “Psychiatry” (as practiced by compliant lackeys) has been used by tyrants throughout history as an excuse to disarm, imprison, “disappear”, and murder political opponents.

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