More on mental disorders

American Mercenary elaborates on some stuff I have been saying.

He pulled many of the symptoms of Emotional Regulation Disorder (aka Borderline Personality Disorder) from here and puts them in the context of our debates with anti-gun people. It’s scary accurate.

I’m certain these people have a mental disorder.

Barb and I both have personal experience with people that have these behaviors. I read many of the symptoms aloud to her as I was reading his post. It’s really spooky to read about someone you know from a list of mental disorder symptoms.


2 thoughts on “More on mental disorders

  1. In short, that list describes the emotion-driven personality, or identity. I point out that Joe, AM and Firehand all used the term “extremely frustrating” or “frustrating as hell” to describe interactions with the emotionally driven personality.


    Note what is happening– the emotion driven identity, or EDI, is attempting to replicate itself. Much like an airborne virus, irritation can be transmitted from one person to many others. The EDI is like an emotional version of Typhoid Mary, walking through the world spreading irritation, doubt and frustration (and ultimately destruction) everywhere she goes.

    Much like an arsonist, the EDI sets fires in people’s minds, and then sits back and enjoys the show, watching you react by burning up inside.

    A 300 pound linebacker couldn’t do a better job of knocking some people off balance, off their path in life, than what the EDI can do with just a few comments here and there. Get a few dozen of the worst EDIs in Congress and all the rest will be infected, becoming unable to function in any way other than to react to the EDIs, essentially becoming EDIs themselves.

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