Quote of the day—Richard C Suquer

As you can see, any reasonable person would support the banning of all guns. It is time we put these gun-toting extremists in jail where they belong!

Richard C Suquer
November 7, 2001
Ban All Guns Now!
[I could almost believe this post was satire but not quite. Here are some more choice quotes from the same post:

It all goes back to an obscure centuries-old document called the “Constitution of the United States of America.”

Many right-wing members of today’s United States have interpreted this amendment to mean that every citizen has the right to “keep and bear arms.” Absurd? Perhaps. But uneducated people in our society (such as members of Congress) can still be fooled into believing this absurdity.

Suppose a person breaks into your house at night and attacks you with a knife. Now, according to the right-wing point of view, you would be justified in shooting him with the gun you keep hidden under your pillow.

However, it is impossible to truly understand the circumstances leading up to this person’s breaking into your house. Perhaps he is a minority. Maybe he was made fun of in school for being a homosexual. He is probably poor. Knowing these facts, how can you, an upper middle class exploiter, be justified in ending this man’s life? The answer is: you can’t.

In fact this man is homeless and was merely looking for some food to feed his starving family. By killing him in so-called self-defense you are no better than a common murderer.

Imagine the typical day of the white male hunter:

The hunter gets up early, before daybreak. While shaving, he cuts his face. He tastes the blood and it is good. His desire for the prey has become sexual.

Later that morning, the hunter enters the forest with his phallic firearm, and stalks the great horned beast. He sees one innocently drinking water from a stream, and raises his phallus-gun to his shoulder. Pulling the trigger he releases his sperm-bullet into the innocent mammal. But rather than life, his sperm-bullet spreads death.

I have to conclude people like this have a mental illness.–Joe]


16 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Richard C Suquer

  1. That has got to be among the most asinine things I’ve ever read and I went to public school. The doofus that wrote that crap also seems to have a bad case of penis envy.

    Sum dude comes into my house at night, for any reason, will not raise my social concerns one iota. He will however provoke that well known fight or flight response. And I’m too old and fat to run.

  2. Ummmm… I hope I’m not the only one that is seeing this…

    Richard C Suquer
    Dick Suquer

    Just sayin’….

      • Sounds a lot like the person behind the “Trayvon’s Amendment” brouhaha, who called himself “Richard Cabeza.” Cabeza is “head” in Spanish, and we all know a diminutive form of “Richard”…

        Not only are both of these excellent examples of Poe’s Law in action, but we might have stumbled upon the same writer for both.

  3. Once again it is hard to be sure whether I’m reading a stupid satire or serious opinion. You sure that wasn’t written for theOnion.com? Wow! If I’d been asked to write something really goofy and over-the-top from the Progressive play book on guns, I’d never have taken it that far out because it would just loose any and all sense of credibility.

  4. Wow. I seriously hope that’s satire, because if it isn’t, the author is so divorced from reality that his grandkids will be paying his alimony.

  5. It reads to me as if someone is trying to be Iowahawk, without the talent. That doesn’t change the fact that you can believe someone “thinking” like this due to their usual lack of mental rigor.

  6. Hey Ricky please feel free to come by yourself any time and put me where “reasonable” people know I should be. Dude you do not have the balls for it so please shut up.

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