Quote of the day—James Porter

The anti-gun forces tried to win the battle politically and we beat them. So what did they do? They go to the states. They try to push their legislation there. We beat them. So now they’re in the international arena at the U.N., and, with all due respect, we will beat them there as well.

James Porter
NRA President
June 20, 2013
New NRA President: Anti-gun Executive Orders ‘Ill-Advised’
[“Due respect”? There isn’t much response due to them. Don’t commit any crimes against them, be sensitive to those that have lost friends and family members to someone using a gun, and don’t moon them. I think pretty much is the extent of the respect they are due.

However, in the cases of Senators Feinstein and Schumer those guys don’t deserve nearly as much respect as your run of the mill anti-gun person. You can moon them if you want and still be giving them too much respect.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James Porter

  1. Yay! Drive-by Moonings at 3:45 this afternoon! Who’s with me?

    The UN’s influence in this nation should not extend any further than the lobby of the UN building in New York (I think that’s where it is). This isn’t the UN. Its the US.

  2. I still say we should move the UN HQ to Haiti, so they can live amidst the results of their policies, rather than NYC, where they are living among the enemy they are trying to destroy.

    • I like the sentiment, but the “we should move the UN” part implies major effort and expense. I say we auction off the building site and then ignore the UN completely.

  3. Rolf, I’d contribute to that happening.

    In my experience, I’ve learned not to say “with all due respect”, since it usually signifies the speaker thinks the person(s) referred to “with all due respect” are utter idiots and morally corrupt people who could not be trusted with a street sweeping job with the foreman behind them holding a big stick.

    The brother of a coworker is a lawyer who sells computer programs to other lawyers, so he isn’t exactly a practicing attorney. He decided once to argue some case himself, and after the judge ruled against him, began his attempt to change his mind with, “With all due respect, Your Honor, . . . . ” The judge interrupted him to say not to say that, “since it means you think I’m an idiot. ”

    So I have to say that “with all due respect” to Brady, Schumer, et al, the anti-self-defense proponents not only have human nature against them, they have history and the results of all the “shall issue” laws in all the laboratory-states to teach them the error of their beliefs, but with all due respect, experience doesn’t seem to teach them anything.

    Having written more than I expected to, I think all the respect that is due these anti-liberty shills would fit in a roach’s @$$hole and still have room for two mustard seeds and a half-eaten caraway seed.

    • Oh, but they DO pay attention to experience. It’s just that THEIR goals are not OUR goals, and indeed, are not even their stated goals. Their goal is control. Not low crime, not freedom, not jobs, not safety, not scientific advancement. Guys like Schumer want to be the guy at the top who is recognized as being the guy calling the shots. The guys at the NSA don’t care who is recognized publicly, as long as they are con control – similar sociopathic personality type, but without the narcissism.

  4. “…the sort of respect reserved for stinging insects and venomous reptiles.”
    R.A.H./Lazarus Long

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