8 thoughts on “Are you a proud gun owner?

  1. Sort of. If you read the fine print at the bottom, you’re actually giving them your photos at no charge, to do anything they want with, and in particular to publish in any kind of publication they might want to create into the indefinite future.

    • Gotta love lawyers! If they aren’t YOUR lawyers, they may or may not be working towards your interests.

  2. I’ll pass. NSA probably has enough photos of me from satellite coverage at Boomershoot (why do ya think we always had a comfy little, fully enclosed shelter?)

  3. I like Emily Miller and appreciatewhat she’s done, but I think Armed America, and Chicks With Guns set the bar pretty high.

  4. Giving her a pic that’s already been on my blog doesn’t advance the information out there on me very far.

  5. If you do, scrub the metadata, and personal crap as best you can. Unless you assume, rightly, that it’s already known to .gov types.

  6. Oleg Volk could assemble several large volumes of such a book from his existing galleries, and they’re all professional quality, high resolution images taken on high-end cameras with high-end lenses. Thousands of them. Yes; the bar is high.

    On the other hand, the right kind of intuition and motivation can make up for a lot, so go for it. Just don’t expect everyone around you to share in your enthusiasm, and don’t listen to anyone like me who tells you you have a lot to overcome.

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