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The President and his advisors are behind calculated and concerted efforts to use the power of the Executive Branch to intimidate and silence their political opponents. Or the Federal Government is populated with rogue civil servants who abuse their authority coincidentally in support of the President and his Party’s agenda and the President and his advisors are powerless to stop them.

May 16, 2013
Comment to Words That Should Not Be Strung Together In America, “IRS Building Largest Government Database”
[I suppose there is at least one third option; the Executive Branch quietly rewards those that do it’s dirty work while maintaining plausible deniability.

In any case I can’t think of any options that are very flattering to the integrity of the Obama administration.

There are more than one way to deal with this as someone opposed to the current administration. One is to let them remain in power and exploit their weakness like what Sebastian is saying. Another would be to try and remove them from power. I’m not sure which would be best. “President Biden” does not have a pleasant ring to it but having Obama impeached would be satisfying. I’m just not sure the rewards are worth the effort. A “radioactive” Obama may be better long term than “cleaning house” when you can’t purge the site of the entire toxic waste pit until 2016 anyway.—Joe]


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  1. Governments have come a long way in giving deniable orders since “Will no one rid me of this troublesome Priest?”
    (and if I understand correctly, the four involved were not punished for their “misunderstanding.”

  2. I don’t believe Congress is near strong enough to successfully impeach Obama (the racial component alone will have them running with their tails between their legs) but impeachment and conviction would have the one positive result of getting the Enemies Within to think a little more seriously. A President Biden, or President Pelosi wouldn’t be much different than a President Obama, except for the fact that either one would have to think twice after seeing their Dear Leader evicted from office.

    There is the overriding issue of justice. Justice is its own end and goal. What comes after is much less important. That’s where courage comes into play. A good person or a good society isn’t afraid of the fallout that comes from doing the right thing because and only because it is the right thing. Because justice demands it. Too many Americans fail to consider or to understand the concept. Instead we’re invited to think ourselves clever when we try to “game” every decision. Either way you look at it, I believe there is much more to be gained than lost if Dear Leader can be impeached.

    Some people would freak out and call for revenge, but in the long run they’re going to do what Progressives do anyway. If Justice prevails here, at least this one time, they’ll have to think twice in the future.

    Meanwhile, the Forces of Darkness are ruinning full throttle on all fronts. While we’re looking into this one thing, they’re running away with a thousand more.

  3. I think Lyle is right. Do the right thing and sort the other stuff out later.

    Not the opposite of letting bad people get away with bad things which invites more mischief. It seems a bit like appeasement…which always backfires. Justice is always sweet.

    President Biden would be the direct result of the hideous choice the Democrats made with electing this ticket. They knew he was on the sidelines; a heartbeat away from the launch codes. The fact that the POTUS picked Biden for VP is all the proof anyone should ever need that he is incompetent.

    I call it the Biden-Litmus Test. If you pick Biden for VP, you’re an idiot, too.

    VP Biden is so unqualified that if he attains the position of POTUS, it will become socially acceptable for people to gut punch any Democrat when walking past them.

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