Can’t stop the signal with crypto hashes

Following the lead of Robb and Barron I’m hosting the files to produce firearms on a 3-D printer.

One of the risks to “the signal that cannot be stopped” is that the signal could be subtly corrupted without the possessor knowing. Therefore I am computing and including the hashes of the files so that you can verify it has not been corrupted. Of course someone could corrupt the hashes posted on this blog post to match the corrupted files but I have saved copies of the hashes in a secure location for later comparison. Contact me if there is a concern the hashes have been tampered.

To compute and verify the hashes I used File Checksum Tools (free and quite functional).

The Defense Distributed file pack is here. Hashes:

  • MD5: F4784E3C4C6B6D851C3F2CFD8579B2A6
  • SHA-1: 3B733B62D8D3B08DE9BFFB94CDD308C18BF09BB0
  • SHA-256: 8B3247FE5145E87ABA5B91A6DFCA26193E5472C60AF279223CE5A92611A24D31

The Liberator is here (removed upon the advice of My Lawyer). Hashes:

  • MD5: 26DE1E830AC58C078650B69C4D34602E
  • SHA-1: AA33BC73264B80B87D21FF8D56DE02EAECDA3574
  • SHA-256: 763927D34CE89B550A118E3522181FC434632D6D6188CB82E1612096A613C4AA

9 thoughts on “Can’t stop the signal with crypto hashes

  1. We can always deliver ROMs by private courier. What was that I heard Ry say once? “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a 747 stuffed with CDs.” That was a while ago. Now it’s about a million times greater.

  2. Crypto hashes are a good start. To deal with the issue that the posted hash could be tampered with, use digital signatures instead. Use gpg (open source PGP), with a key signed by a wide community of others. That “web of trust” can get as strong as you care to make it.

  3. #defcad has gone dark due to “blah blah blah ministry request”?

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  8. I guess the signal did get stopped, and amazingly quickly too.

    It’s certainly true that standing on principle at times will come at a cost. Some people do go beyond words and accept those costs. For example, Phil Zimmerman published PGP back when the feds were throwing ITAR at that technology, but he never gave in, and he won not just that battle but that war.

    I see Rob has posted a Torrent link, that’s good. It’s a modern solution to this sort of take-down order.

    Meanwhile, if all else fails, there is

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